Woman Who 'Parked' Herself To Block Parking Spot In Mid Valley Apologises For Her Mistake

She was filmed blocking the spot by another driver.

Cover image via Oriental Daily

The woman, seen in a Facebook video, blocking a parking spot for her friends in Mid Valley by standing over it has now apologised

According to a report in Oriental Daily, the woman took to her Facebook to admit that it was her mistake to "block" the parking spot by standing over it.

Said to be a beautician at a salon, she was overheard describing the driver of another car recording the video as "stupid" because he did not speak Mandarin.

In the video, which has since been deleted by the uploader, she could be heard telling the driver that he has "no manners", to which he replies, saying, "No manners? Then what about you? You stand over here. You're not a car. You're a person."

Image via Oriental Daily

She also lodged a police report fearing for her safety after the video went viral and she faced a huge backlash from social media users

Oriental Daily reported that the woman later shared the police report on her Facebook profile, where she also apologised for the incident.

Image via Oriental Daily

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