20-Year-Old Malaysian Claims He Was "Robbed" In Thailand To Get More Money From His Father

It's all about the money, money, money.

Cover image via Chiang Mai Citylife

After blowing all of his RM2,000 at a Chiang Mai bar in one night, a Malaysian youth filed a false police report claiming he was robbed

Using a translator, 20-year-old Pravin Krishnan claimed in the report to Muang police that he was robbed by a knife-wielding "Caucasian man" with a "blond beard".

According to a Chiang Mai police source, the youth had arrived alone to the city last Thursday (16 August), reported The Star.

Police swiftly carried out an investigation, but interviews with residents and a security guard at the scene of the 'crime' turned up nothing.

Pravin eventually admitted that he had made up the robbery after police told him that no evidence of a robbery was found at the scene

The 'robbery' was used to cover-up the fact that he was 'broke' from his night at the bar and needed more money from his father.

He also claimed to be from the family of a successful businessman.

The one-night escapade could become a three-year getaway in Thai prison if he is convicted

Pravin could possibly spend three years in prison and a fine of 10,000 baht (RM1,250) if he is convicted, though the sentence can be suspended at the judge’s discretion.

Adding salt to the wound, Pravin allegedly tried to bribe Thai authorities with 10,000 baht (RM2,500) to drop the case

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Image via Malay Mail

“The Malaysian might think this is a joke, offering payment for us to forget the case. It doesn’t work like that,” authorities said, as reported by Malay Mail.

"Just imagine if a man was falsely accused of robbing someone. That individual could be spending the rest of his life in prison," they added.

Pravin has been denied bail and is under police custody until his next court appearance, which is possibly in a week's time.

His father was also reported to have arrived in Chiangmai a few days ago.

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