Malaysia Airlines' Business Class Passenger Shares How He Caught A Thief Red-Handed

The incident happened on 15 August while he was flying back to KL.

Cover image via Faiz Mokhtar/Facebook

In a Facebook post, that has gone viral since it was posted at around 11.30am today, 18 August, Malaysians are being warned to be careful of their belongings while flying because "criminals are everywhere", even onboard the business class of Malaysia Airlines

Faiz Mokhtar, who uploaded the post on his Facebook account, shared how he caught a thief red-handed onboard the Business Class of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH0751, which was set to fly from Ho Chi Minh City to Kuala Lumpur on 15 August.

Faiz writes that he was on a working trip to KL with four of his business partners.

Faiz, in his Facebook post, writes that he had placed his laptop bag in the designated overhead cabin. However, he was soon alerted by one of his partners that a fellow passenger has taken his bag.

"My partner alerted me to check on my bag and true enough it was gone.

"I went to the man's seat and caught him off guard going through my bag and his left hand holding some of my foreign notes currency, looking like he was about to keep them in his pocket," Faiz wrote, adding that he then confronted the passenger.

Faiz says that his biggest concerns were his passport, etc. and whether the man had planted any illegal items inside his bag in order to use him as his transporter.

Apparently, it's a modus operandi of drug syndicates on China, Hong Kong and Vietnam flights. They use unsuspecting passengers as their mule to transport drugs.

After catching the passenger red-handed, Faiz and his business partners alerted the stewardess, who took necessary actions

Security and police personnel were called in, a report was made, the pilot and crew declared that the flight was not safe to take off until the man is taken off the flight.

Faiz praised the cabin crew onboard the Malaysia Airlines flight, commending them for handling the whole situation in a diligent and professional manner.

"My biggest gratitude and respect goes to the Lead Stewardess, Ms Mazlinda for her unwavering calmness and diligent work in ensuring the man was handled accordingly.

"She went to the extent that she offered herself to remain in Vietnam to make the police report on behalf of me. Luckily, all paperwork matters can be done in-flight and Alhamdulillah we took off safely after an hour's delay," he wrote in his post.

Fortunately for them, this all happened before take off

Faiz writes that the man also didn't become aggressive after he was confronted.

He was forced off the flight by authorities with his luggage and taken into custody.

I was on the short flight MH0751 from Ho Chi Minh City flying back to KL on 15/8/18, a working trip with my four...

Posted by Faiz Mokhtar on Friday, 17 August 2018

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