Woman Filmed Trying To Block Parking Spot In Mid Valley By Standing Over It

She also insulted the driver of another car for not speaking in Mandarin.

Cover image via 我真的顶不顺咯

A mobile footage uploaded on Facebook on Friday night shows a woman trying to block a parking spot for her friends in Mid Valley by standing over it and preventing a driver of another car from parking

According to the Facebook post accompanying the video, the uploader claims that while he was there first and was waiting to park his car, the woman in the video walked up and stood over the parking spot to "reserve" it for her friends.

In the video, which is slightly less than two-minute long, the woman can be heard telling the driver that he has "no manners", to which he replies, saying, "No manners? Then what about you? You stand over here. You're not a car. You're a person."

The woman called the driver stupid for not speaking in mandarin

The driver, who filmed the video, can be heard telling the woman that on one hand she talks about manners and on other she takes a swipe at him for not speaking in Chinese.

She then continues to stand there, while holding her mobile close to her face.

You can watch the "interesting" encounter here:

The woman eventually walks away and gets into her friend's car. However, not before she once again throws insults at him in Mandarin.

At the time of writing this story, the video was shared across Facebook more than 12k times with thousands of comments and over 500k views. Several comments pointed out how standing in parking spaces is a crime under the Road Transport Act.


In March, a similar occurrence happened in the carpark of a PJ mall:

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