A Man Was Harassed For Trying To Tow An Immigration Officer's Car In Cheras

The man works as a bank repossessor.

Cover image via Tamizhar Media TV/Facebook

Yesterday, 20 August, a 27-year-old immigration officer was filmed refusing to have his car towed by a bank repossessor in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

The man was filmed shouting at the repossessor in Alam Damai, Cheras.

Image via Tamizha Media TV

China Press reported that two repossessors, who had authorisation letters from the bank and the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNKK), approached the immigration officer yesterday to tow his car as he failed to pay back five months' worth of car loan.

However, the immigration officer became suspicious of the tow request after realising that one of the repossessors had an expired permit. He then accused the repossessors of trying to resell his car after towing it away.

At the time of writing, it remains unclear whether the repossessor in the video was the one holding an expired permit.

Shortly after that, the brother of the immigration officer joined him at the scene

Tamizhar Media TV reported one of the repossessors, Mr. Satya as saying that the officer's brother then tore up the authorisation letters in anger. He also pushed Satya away from the car in order to let his brother escape the scene.

China Press reported that the officer's brother is a civil servant.

In an attempt to let his brother escape the scene, the civil servant got into a fighting position in front of Satya.

Image via Tamizhar Media TV/Facebook

The civil servant was about to leave in another car before Satya shouted at him

"You think we're scared (of you)? You don't have the ability to pay for the car but you still bought it!" Satya, the repossessor, was heard shouting at the civil servant.

Angered by Satya's statement, the civil servant took off his shirt before charging towards Satya and hitting him.

The civil servant stripped himself in front of Satya.

Image via Tamizhar Media TV/Facebook

The civil servant was seen charging towards Satya before hitting him.

Image via Tamizhar Media TV/Facebook

The brothers have since been detained by the police

According to China Press, the brothers are being investigated under Section 323 and 506 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt and criminal intimidation.

(From left) The civil servant and his brother, the immigration officer.

Image via China Press

Registered repossessors are required to adhere to KPDNKK's code of ethics

The requirements include:

- The number of repossessors must be minimised unless circumstances warrant any additional assistance.
- Repossessors should only enter premises with the knowledge and consent of the occupant.
- Repossessors should be well-mannered and dressed decently to ensure professionalism and dignity in carrying out their work.
- The use of "strong arm tactics" is strictly prohibited in carrying out their work.
- At the time of repossession, hirers should be notified of the address and telephone numbers of the authorised bank officers, and given reasonable time to inspect vehicles and remove their personal belongings.

You can watch the full video of the incident here:

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