Drunk Man Breaks Into Stranger's Car At Bandar Utama Because He Needed To Sleep

Netizens have since hailed the man as a "legend".

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A Malaysian man recently found a drunk stranger fast asleep in his car after a long night of clubbing in Petaling Jaya

In a Facebook post on 19 August, the man said that he parked his car below Play Club at First Avenue, Bandar Utama and went to a mamak with his friends.

His car window was found smashed.

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When he returned to his car, he found a drunk stranger, who had broken into his vehicle, sleeping on the car seat

In the post, the owner of the car said, "(Not sure if I should) be pissed or be laughing."

He found out that the stranger, who was from Johor, had lost his phone and wallet during his eventful night spent drinking. He was also extremely drunk and couldn't remember any phone numbers.

Left with few options, the car owner decided to bring him to the police station.

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UPDATE: According to the man's post, the case has since been settled as of 21 August.

Netizens have since weighed in on the drunk man's antics, calling him a "legend" for pulling such a stunt

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Meanwhile, others just laughed at the absurdity of it all

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On a slightly serious note, hopefully this serves as a reminder for us to be more tactful when we're out drinking :p

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In similar news, a drunk passenger was caught last week trying to open a door on a Malaysian Airlines plane mid-air:

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