Malaysians Share The 12 Things Parents Have Been Nagging Them About Since They Were A Kid

Nagging is the Asian parent way to show they love you.

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1. "Do I look like your maid?"

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"My dad is always nagging me to clean my room. But it's my room and I like it messy :P"

- Meng, 22. 

2. "Why don't you have children yet?"

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"I don't even have a boyfriend and my mum is asking for grandkids! Hahaha. How lah?"

- Jina, 27.

3. "Why do you always sleep so late?!"

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"My mum has nagged me about this since I was a kid. Now I'm 26 and she still tells me to go to bed when it's only 9pm. But she'll stay up until midnight! Guess I'm still a baby to her."

- Jade, 26.

4. "Eh, bangunlah it's late already!"

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"But actually it's only 8am on a Sunday morning..."

- Riz, 23.

5. "Why do you always have to drive like a madman?"

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"To be honest I'll be going like 90km/h... well within the speed limit. My mum has been a really stressful backseat driver from the time I got my L license til now >.<"

- Jonathan, 30.

6. "Are you going out wearing that?"

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"My mum nags about my fashion choices all the time! As a teen I was a tomboy, so she told me to be more ladylike. Now I'm an adult and she says my skirts are too short, or my tops too revealing... Haihhhh... Let me live Mama!"

- Ana, 25.

7. "If you fall sick, don't come crying to me!"

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"Don't walk in the rain, don't eat so much ice cream, don't eat so much spicy food, dry hair before sleeping... all so I don't fall sick."

- Su Ann, 21.

8. "Your hair is too long..."

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"It kinda makes me want to grow it even longer haha."

- Amin, 22.

9. "You never drink enough water"

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"It's true, I prefer sweet drinks. Water tastes like nothing haha. Both my parents are always telling me to drink more water otherwise I'll fall sick. They're right :("

- Lee, 23.

10. "Later you will become cross-eyed and spoil your eyes"

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"When I was a kid, it was the TV screen. Now, it's the phone screen."

- CY, 29.

11. "Where is your sister? Why is she not with you? Why aren't you looking after her?"

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"My parents always make me look after my sister because I'm the eldest. It made sense when we were kids, but now my sister is 23 years old! She can look after herself haha."

- Vee, 26.

12. "You're going to get a sore throat!"

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"Ok, this one I cannot lari. I always get sore throat because I eat way too much deep-fried food. It's so gooood."

- Adam, 28. 

No matter what our parents are nagging us about, we all know it's only because they love us (and because we're usually too stubborn to listen!)

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