Malaysians Share The Best Advice They Received From Their Parents That Is Actually Useful

Such wise. Much wow.

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It's that time of year where we celebrate our parents and all their awesomeness with Mother's Day and Father's Day

From changing our diapers to helping us fill out our income tax claims, our mums and dads are pretty much there for us since day 1. 

In honour of all the awesome things they've done for us, U Mobile wants to treat your parents to a special gift! Get the full details at the bottom of this story ;)

In partnership with U Mobile, we're celebrating parents by asking Malaysians to share the best advice their folks have ever given them:

1. "Always kacau the santan when you masak kuah lodeh, otherwise it will break."

"My mum told me this, and honestly, I make the best freakin' lodeh around haha. Every Raya, I'm in charge of lodeh, even though I'm one of the youngest cousins in the family ;)"

- Syaz, 20.

2. "If you get lost driving in KL, just follow the Seremban signboards and you will eventually get home"

"It works for me! I live in Cheras though. Don't know if this is good advice for other people hahaha."
- Reza, 27.

3. "My dad taught me how to eat ice-cream without it ever melting off onto the cone and it has changed my life"

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"I can't explain it. I have to SHOW you the method. But it works every time. I see people eating ice-cream and it drips down the cone onto their hands and I’m like... did your dad not teach you..."
- Ashley, 22.

4. "Commit to your choices, so you take responsibility whether you fail or succeed."

"I was really young when my mother instilled this advice into me. And it's proven helpful my whole life. Midway through college I wanted to drop out but was afraid. So she reminded me about the importance of commitment and responsibility. I committed and left college. It was the best decision of my life. I worked freelance, took online courses, and got solid life experience. This ended up being the education that works for me."
- Ihsan, 23.

5. "My dad taught me how to stream online... he's way more tech-savvy than me!"

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"I know a lot of people my age joke about how their parents don't understand tech, but my dad is the opposite. He's always been interested in technology. He actually taught me how to use a smartphone, install apps, and recently he opened my world when he showed me how to stream online. Thank goodness for unlimited data woot woot!"
- Tina, 29. 

6. "Always earn and save your own money so that you can look after yourself and never need to rely on a man."

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"I was only 8 years old when my mum told me this and it has stayed with me for over two decades! I definitely work hard because of it, and have always been able to provide for myself and my kids. Even though I'm married, I don't need to rely on the hubby financially, because I make my own money."
- Anis, 31.

7. "Leave a footstool in the toilet so that when you do your 'business' you can prop your feet up to help you 'go'"

"This is a bit gross, sorry. But it's seriously the best advice my mum has ever given me. I have digestion problems, and sometimes it's really hard for me to 'go.' So she got me a footstool for my bathroom, and told me to kinda 'squat' when I get that feeling lol. It seriously helps! And I think even Americans have like copyrighted their own squatty toilet. But my mum did it first!"
- Em, 23.

8. "Make friends everywhere you go, so you have someone wherever and whenever you're in need."

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"This is also my dad's trick to get discounts, privileges, and free stuff everywhere he goes LMAO. Basically, his advice was to be genuinely kind, warm, and friendly to everyone I meet. If they need help, I help. And one day, if I need help, hopefully they will help also lah."
- Dee, 25.

9. "Leave the item you need to bring tomorrow next to your shoes the night before"

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"I'm a very forgetful person. I'm the kid that comes to class without a schoolbag lol. So my mum made me practice the habit of putting whatever I needed to bring, next to my shoes the night before. We keep our shoe cabinet inside the house lah. Don't do this if your shoes are outside. Even now as an adult, I still do this."
- Jay, 28.

10. "Don't buy a rice cooker, use a pressure cooker instead"

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"When I got married and moved out of my parents' house, I was planning on buying my own rice cooker. But my dad said not to bother, and instead to use the pressure cooker I received as a wedding present. I was like what? And he was like yaaaas. And it turns out you can cook perfect rice in 5 minutes using a pressure cooker!"
- Jules, 27.

It's not just words of wisdom that our parents have shared with us over the years, it's the million other things they do that make us who we are

The sacrifices and love are endless! That's why U Mobile wants to reward your mum and dad with something special this Parent's Day. It's time to give back!

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