18 "Dangerous" Things Our Malaysian Mums Like To Say That Have Double Meanings

"Up to you lah if you wanna listen to me or not."

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1. "You going out now? But I already made dinner."

Remember the times we would make plans to hang out with friends at the mamak only to watch our mothers forlorn faces asking us where we're going? 

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How. To. Not. Feel. Bad.

2. "When you were small, who help you wash your butt all ah?"

... if you didn't teach her how to use her smartphone.

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3. When you didn't offer to clean the house... "You think this is your hotel ah? Come and go whenever you want."

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No room service because "You think I'm your maid ah?"

4. Mum, can you send me to... Before you could finish your sentence, she'd say, "Oh, so now I'm your driver lah."

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5. Your mum was also your fashion police when she'd state the obvious, "You're going out in that?"

Consider yourself lucky if you escaped jabs at your hair, dressing, skin, weight, and the list goes on.

6. She was also your dating police. "Who is that girl I see in your Facebook photo ah boy?"

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Cannot go pak thor 'cos we were too young, still studying, or they were in denial that their babies had grown up.

7. But then, at other times she might say, "Eh, your aunty is only 45 and she just became a grandma. When is my turn?"

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As she looked at us hopeful that we would somehow spill the beans on our love lives... or should I say, lack of it.

8. If you hadn't visited in awhile, "Your parents are getting old already, you know?"

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Yes, Mum. I'll come this weekend.

9. "Anyway, I'm just advising only. Up to you lah if you wanna listen to me or not."

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We never thought we'd say this but perhaps the statement, "Mothers are always right" is sorrrrrta true.

10. And to add to the pile of guilt, she might have said, "Just don't say I didn't tell you so lah"

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Whenever she dropped this bomb on us, you know you'd have to rethink your decisions.

11. "Eh, your cousin just brought your aunty to Korea. They say now snowing... *pause* Korea nice or not ah?"

Ok ok, we get the hint.

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12. "My neighbour told me her daughter got into _________ (whatever fancy university name), you know. You leh?"

Me: Mm, I'm gonna be an actor.
Mum: Sayang, it's pronounced "doctor".

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The struggle is real.

13. "You going out so much these days ah. Must have so much money."

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We know they meant well. TBH, we probably needed to hear this line more often than not.

14. When you fell sick, "Ya, you see, go and eat out some more lah"

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Then she brings you some medicinal liquid she got from ah ma's house or some special soup with weird chicken parts that's supposed to cure you.

Placebo or not, it may have contributed to less sick days.

15. When you'd ask her what gift she wanted, "No need to get anything for my birthday lah"

But then sends us pictures of the plants or handbag she thought was sooooo nice but so expensive. *face palm*

16. A true mother must give feedback. "Last time your double chin all not showing ah".

When it comes to honesty, Asian mothers know no bounds. At least, you know who will tell you the "painful truth" when you need to hear it most.

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17. But just when you thought you were losing weight, she'd say, "You not eating is it?"

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18. If you disagree with her, "You dowan to listen to me, ask your dad lah"

But really, what she wants is for you to listen to her opinion.

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In spite of all the crazy things our mums' have said, we knew that deep down inside, they will always have our backs no matter what

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Thank you, Mum! ♡

What other stuff have you heard your mum say? Let us know in the comments below!

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