Laundry Days & 10 Adult Problems You Never Worried About Until You Moved Out On Your Own

What!? Milo is THAT expensive??

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1. Having to budget or otherwise live from paycheck to paycheck

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Receiving your first pay was like receiving the golden ticket into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. That happiness was short-lived when you realised you needed to pay for rent, WiFi, electricity bills, groceries, insurance, life...

2. Weekends were now filled with shopping for groceries, laundry washing, and filling petrol...

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... instead of buying new shoes

3. Which meant you needed to plan laundry days or run out of underwear…

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4. Mom's cooking is no longer waiting for you on the table when you get home

We miss mom's cooking :(

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And we're so sick of mamak food and maggi mee.

5. But if you wanna have cake and ice-cream two days in a row? No. one. is. stopping. you.

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6. Thank goodness for microwaves

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Leftovers, leftovers for days.

7. You learnt how quickly sinks get dirty

...with no one there nagging you to clean up.

8. ...and had to deal with gross things like plunging toilet bowls, surprise cockroach visits, and cleaning hair on drain covers

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9. Everyone say 'Hi' to the CHAIR

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We all have one. 

10. In reality, we keep in contact with our parents a lot more now

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11. ...and actually sorta miss them.

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What is the one thing you miss most about home? Let us know in the comments!

For all those still learning to adult:

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