[PHOTOS] 7 New Murals By PETRONAS You Should Check Out If You’re Feeling Extra Patriotic

From Selangor to Sabah, and more!

Cover image via PETRONAS

PETRONAS unveiled a series of mural paintings in conjunction with National and Malaysia Day

In collaboration with students from Universiti Teknologi MARA's Faculty of Art & Design, the murals are a reflection of Malaysia's pride and joy. From attractions to traditions, the impressive art installations tell a story unique to Malaysia.

Image via PETRONAS

The initiative is part of PETRONAS’ campaign titled ‘Cerita Kita’, which aims to tell the splendour of Malaysia, capturing beautiful moments and places

Doing what they do best, PETRONAS is once again promoting unity and social cohesion among all Malaysians with their latest nationwide campaign. 

Here's a look at the seven murals being featured at PETRONAS stations nationwide:

1. 'Bound by Traditions' - a showcase of our famous pasar malam

Image via PETRONAS

Location: PETRONAS Station Solaris, Selangor.

2. 'Fun in the Nature' - depicting one of the highest waterfalls in Malaysia at Lata Kinjang

Image via PETRONAS

Location: PETRONAS Station Tapah, Perak.

3. 'United by Food' - featuring our love for local cuisine

Image via PETRONAS

Location: PETRONAS Station Batu Feringgi, Penang.

4. 'The City of Life' - a display of the convenience of being digitally connected at all times, while enjoying quality lepak time over food with our loved ones

Image via PETRONAS

Location: The Place @ Ampang (formerly known as PETRONAS STATION Jalan Kolam Air Lama).

5. 'Where Multicultural Heritage Resides' - embracing Melaka's heritage and the unique architecture of the famous staircase

Image via PETRONAS

Location: PETRONAS Station MITC, Melaka.

6. 'Being One with Nature' - a celebration of our beautiful rainforests, in particular Taman Negara

Image via PETRONAS

Location: PETRONAS Station Peramu 2, Pahang.

7. 'Of Sun, Sea, Forest and Mountains' - featuring the iconic Mount Kinabalu

Image via PETRONAS

Location: PETRONAS Station Luyang, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

It's the perfect excuse for another roadtrip! You can even pick up the unique artworks as souvenirs at selected stations.

Image via PETRONAS

PETRONAS is also curating a series of stories on unsung heroes. Watch their stories on Instagram and Facebook:

You can also share your stories of love for Malaysia with PETRONAS under #ceritakita.

Selamat Hari Kebangsaan everybody!

Image via PETRONAS

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