Anlene Writes Open Letters To Tun M This National Day

Your age does not define what you can or can't do for Malaysia.

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Do you ever just feel discouraged just because of your age?

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You either feel like everyone your age is achieving more than you or people will disregard what you've accomplished because of your young age. You can never win. 

You're not the only one that feels that way, but it's high time that Malaysians realize that age does not define them

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It does not matter if you're 15 or 50, your achievements should not be diminished merely because of how old you are.

With Merdeka and Malaysia Day around the corner, it's a great time to take Malaysia's beloved leaders as examples

Take the Prime Minister as well as the Youth and Sports Minister as examples.

Some deemed Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as 'too old' to be Prime Minister again and YB Syed Saddiq as 'too young' to be a minister. 

Anlene is posting open letters to Tun M and Bro Syed to appreciate and honour the hard work they've done for this nation:

This year, Anlene wants Malaysians to know that everyone is more than their age

Our age is not our number. It doesn't define what we can or cannot do for Malaysia.

Malaysians in this video share what their real numbers are and what it means to them. Together as 1, they move the nation.

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What's your number for Malaysia?

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