20 Epic Hairstyles Malaysian Guys Used To Have Growing Up

Centre parting, centre parting everywhere.

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Malaysian guys love to experiment with their hair. We used to buy all kinds of hair products to achieve hairstyles like...

1. Back in the 80s, it was all about the rock kapak look with the permed look and... SUNGLASSES!

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2. Then came that 'tempurung' hairdo boys had in the 90's, just like that episode from Mr. Bean

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3. There was one time, EVERY guy begged the hairstyle for centre-parted hair

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4. Aaron Kwok. Nick Carter. Peter Andres. They all had a hold on us.

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5. Some of the best days of our lives happened with our hair parted in the middle. School debates, our first fight, prom night, sports events, and nightclub outings.

Centre parting looked good no matter what.

6. After that era fizzled out, the "Armani" hairstyle took over. Flatten the top of your hair and leave only the fringe standing.

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7. When punk rock was huge in the 90's, guys ditched the boyband look for rebellious, spiky hair. The pointier, the better.

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The more wax, the better, too!

8. Dreadlocks, cornrows, also looked good on a select few...

9. At times, we had the "pineapple" thing going on. P.S. Guys would carry hair gel or wax in their bags.

Image via Hong Ming

10. David Beckham was a huge influence for guys. When he went bald, guys went bald.

Image via Wtungwee

11. When he had a mohawk, guys did the mohawk

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12. Senget mohawks were also accepted

13. When black and brown were too boring, we spent our days walking around in GOLDEN blonde hair with red or orange highlights!

Image via LowYat

14. After our Form 5 days, we grew our fringe. It's okay if we couldn't see. We used a 1.3MP phone camera to gather evidence:

Image via tera/Lowyat

15. Basically, the longer the fringe, the more edgy you look

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

16. Fringe + Mohawk = Fringehawk

Image via Darian Goh

17. Some guys never really stopped growing their hair...

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P.S. Can you spot the flip phone?

18. Until thankfully, people started shaving the sides of their head

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19. To stand out from the rest, funky patterns were shaved. It could be your favourite football team, a tribal pattern or just random lines.

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20. Then there was that ONE friend whose hair just stood above the rest...

Image via Matthew Tan

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