21 Things You'll Relate To If You Were A Science Stream Student

Bunsen burners FTW.

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1. You realised you've made a terrible decision in the very first class

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Damn it, I shouldn't have followed my crush...

2. People automatically assume you're a smart, goody two-shoes

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You wouldn't want to know the things we do after school. ;)

3. "Wah, you want to become a doctor when you grow up is it?"

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First of all, not every science stream student wants to be a doctor, or an engineer, or scientist. How about you just leave me alone while I figure out what I really want to do in life? -_-

4. Physics goes from "interesting" to "wtf is going on?" real fast

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5. Add Maths too...

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6. Trying your very best to bond with Chemistry


You thought chemistry would be like potions classes in Harry Potter. But in reality, it's just learning a bunch of equations that don't make sense.

7. Biology seemed interesting at first until you realise just HOW MUCH you need to memorise

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8. You look forward to classes in the makmal because that's the only time you get to sit together with your gang

9. Messing around with the lab apparatus

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Bunsen burners FTW.

10. And breaking some test tubes in the process

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11. Dissecting frogs just for lolz

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Well, not really for fun lah. But it was interesting.

12. You have no choice but to pay an arm and a leg for tuition fees...

Because if you don't go for one, you'll probably... fail every subject.

13. ... and Oxford Fajar books

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They're not cheap k.

14. You get jealous of your peers in Arts stream from time to time

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15. But you get pissed at them when they complain about their "hard classes"

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Yeah, life must be tough for you.

16. You made sure you had a scientific calculator with you all the time

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Forget this and you can kiss your exams goodbye.

17. You panic before major exams because you're unsure if you can remember so many equations and theories

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18. You thank God there's such a thing called multiple choice exam

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Hypothetically speaking, there’s a 25% chance I'll get this question correct... right?

19. Written exams are typically very short affairs for you

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You can't just BS or tikam your way through a Chemistry Paper 2 exam. It's impossible.

20. You’ve learnt to settle for less when it came to exam results. “C”? That’s a milestone. Pass? That’s a MIRACLE.

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21. Well, no matter how tough science stream was, it made you the person you are today! :D

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Were you a science stream student? Share your most memorable experiences with us below!

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