How Painful Is It To Get Your 'Ketiak' Hair Waxed Off? Our Male Colleagues Find Out…

"Nooooo, I'm not signing up for this!"

Cover image via SAYS

Beauty is pain... or at least, that's what the old wives used to say. In their quest for the perfect manly body, SAYS writers Farouq, Zaidi and Darian are about to get their underarms waxed for the first time!

If only they knew what awaits them on the waxing table... :p

Image via SAYS

It sure is a #bosslife when you're lying on a comfortable waxing bed with someone attending to you at all times...

Image via SAYS

... Until they realise what's about to come!

Image via SAYS

Looks painful for them, but amusing for us! Watch their entire experience here:

A huge shoutout to Strip Malaysia for hosting Geng Ketiak Licin!

If you're feeling inspired to experience getting waxed for the first time, Strip welcomes you with open arms at these locations.

Previously, we popped the K-drama cherry for some of us with the super popular Korean drama 'Descendants of the Sun':

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