Someone DIY-ed Their AirPods Into Earrings So They'll Never Go Missing

The little invention has been dubbed "Airings".

Cover image via Deadanimemom/Shopify

Over the weekend, Twitter user @bloodorgy went viral after they shared a truly fashionable do-it-yourself (DIY) hack to keep your AirPods from going missing

At the time of writing, the tweet garnered over 46,000 retweets and 197,000 likes.

"I got AirPods initially because my cat ate through two of my Beats Bluetooth earphones. And all my other earphones," 22-year-old Gabrielle or "L" told SAYS.

L, who resides in US, added, "But I have a tragus piercing which tends to push out earphones, so I needed something that could connect the earphones and made out of a material that my cat couldn't destroy."

L already had a chain that connected the AirPods, but they thought of switching it up and turned it into an accessory instead

"I made my own connector similar to [AirPod straps]. Then attached the connector with jewellery materials to the earring itself. The earring is a regular jewellery chain and jump rings attached to a hoop earring," L explained to SAYS.

The sweet trick - which L has now dubbed as "Airings" - has left netizens absolutely shook

When asked how they felt about the sudden popularity of their tweet, L said, "I think it's cool and funny. I made the earrings out of personal need and decided to post it for fun. I didn't expect all the reactions I got, both negative and positive."

Though one question burns in the minds of many - how do you charge the AirPods?

"People most often ask 'how are you going to charge them?' But the AirPods and earrings are completely detachable from each other," L explained to SAYS.

Here's a closer look at the earrings:

L plans to release the Airings as custom orders for USD20 (RM82).

When asked if they plan to release other designs, L said, "I probably [won't] make any other accessories unless there is a demand for them. [I]f someone wanted a necklace I would be willing to do that for them. Anything else is impractical."

Hopefully some creative Malaysians entrepreneurs might take up a localised version of these Airings:

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