This Guy Used Boba As A Musical Instrument And Netizens Are Amazed

"I'm both amazed and upset that that works."

Cover image via Shawn Wasabi/Facebook

With bubble tea being all the rage again lately, one man has taken boba to a whole new level by turning it into a musical instrument

Producer Shawn Wasabi's video has blown up on the Internet with over 3.15 million views on Twitter and 70,000 retweets since it was posted on Thursday, 18 April.

Its caption read: "HERE'S THE MF TEA (really important you need to hear this)."

In the video, Shawn was seen sipping on a cup of bubble tea and spitting out the boba onto a paper plate

He then clipped the tapioca pearls to cords attached to a piece of equipment called a Midi Fighter controller

The LA-based musician then tapped each pearl, which released beats from the boba and gadget.

In a second video showing the new "instrument", he wrote: "I know this is kinda gross but I've been going completely nuts about this the whole morning."

Impressed netizens have since praised Shawn for the discovery, saying that they can never look at boba the same way again

Watch the video of him below:


HERE'S THE MF TEA (really important you need to hear this)

Posted by Shawn Wasabi on Thursday, April 18, 2019

You can check out more of Shawn Wasabi's music on Facebook and YouTube.

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