Netizen Goes Viral For Photos Of Her Mother's Massive Magnet Wall Built By Her Father

Her mother has over 1,000 magnets displayed on the wall.

Cover image via @kobismenghijo (Twitter)

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A netizen in Ayer Keroh, Melaka has gone viral for sharing a heartwarming story about her mother and late father

Inspired by another viral tweet of a mother's frog mug collection, Izzati Suza shared photos of her mother's massive magnet collection that lines the walls of the house.

"Reminds me of my dad. He gets sad every time a magnet falls off our fridge so he gave metal plates on the walls [as a gift] so my mom could stick her magnets," she tweeted.

Izzati shared with SAYS that her late father had ordered for metal-plated walls to be done in their home as a gift to his wife and her collection of over 1,000 magnets

"The plate [was put] up during the renovation of the house, around 2014. Sadly he passed away in 2017," Izzati said in a WhatsApp message to SAYS.

"He also installed the plate in our previous house back in Ipoh, then we moved out [to Melaka]."

Izzati's family is clearly a very creative and gifted one, as her mother also turns to DIY-ing items into magnets to grow her collection

When another netizen pointed out a chocolate box they recognised, Izzati shared that her mother had DIY-ed the mini box into a magnet.

"When my mom finds cute items, she will DIY it by buying magnets and stick it on using elephant glue," Izzati replied.

The full-time artist told SAYS that her mother has been collecting magnets for over 36 years

Her mother had been collecting the magnets since she was 17 years old. She is now 53 years old.

"She likes all kinds of miniatures," Izzati explained, when asked about her mother's favourite type of magnets.

In fact, her mother loves miniatures so much that she even has a shop — Kedai Suza — selling them in Ayer Keroh, Melaka. Follow them on Facebook.

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