Ryujin Juwara And 6 Other Malaysian Superheroes You Should Know By Now

Who needs Batman when you have Keluang Man right?

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In a world dominated by the likes of Batman and Superman, there's lack of attention towards our homegrown superheroes. But we have to put a stop to that, so here's a list of some of the most badass local superheroes - just try not to laugh at the costumes k?

1. Cicak-Man: Quite possibly the most famous Malaysia superhero, Cicak Man or 'Lizard Man' lives in the imaginary city of Metrofulus

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Real identity: Hairi Yatim, a lab assistant.

How did Hairi become a superhero? Hairi Yatim is a loser who works at a lab in the city. One day, he accidentally drinks up a cup of coffee that has been contaminated by a virus-infected gecko. The next day, he finds himself being able to do weird things, such as sticking on walls, eating bugs and making lizard noises. No kidding.

Saiful Apek as Hairi Yatim aka Cicak Man.

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Shot in full HD and with 40% green screen, the first Cicak-Man movie starred funny man Saiful Apek as the protagonist was released in 2006. The movie then moved on to create Malaysian film history by grossing over RM350,000 in its first day! A sequal titled 'Cicakman 2: Planet Hitam' was released on 2008.

Zizan Razak as Cicak Man.

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The third instalment of the Cicak-Man series, Cicak Man 3 was screened on March 2015. Set 7 years after Cicak Man 2: Planet Hitam, the film had a total different cast with Zizan Razak starring as the protagonist.

2. Keluang Man: Because who needs Batman when we have 'Fruit Batman' right?

Keluang means 'fruit bat' in Malay.

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Real identity: Borhan, a mental patient.

How did Borhan become a superhero? The story of Keluang Man was set in Tampoi, Johor. He made his appearance when a man tried to rob a girl in a dark alley. Since then, his vigilante status has granted him limelight in the media. Keluang Man only fights crime at night because of the heavy security over at the hospital he stays in.

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Created by Kamn Ismail and his crew of animators, the Keluang Man series first made its debut back on TV1, in 1991. It's still one of the most popular Malaysia cartoon series to date, partly because of the moral values and lessons instilled in each episode.

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Sadly, the series stopped production in 2002, possibly due to poor viewership after season 2 and the lack of development in the storyline.

3. Ryujin Juwara: Shot entirely in Okinawa Japan, Ryujin Juwara is our very own Masked Rider

Ryujin Juwara in action.

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Real identity: Andil, batik maker.

How did Andil become a superhero? Andil is an apprentice batik maker who is under the tutelage of Tok Mantin. Every day he devotes himself earnestly to his craft. Meanwhile, a hermit who lives in a forest senses a crisis infringing Malaysia and sends a message to the human world seeking a man of valor who can overcome the crisis. Andil decides to go to Okinawa, Japan to seek wisdom. After arriving in Okinawa, Andil is received by Shiisa, the guardian lion in Okinawa. He meets the karate master, Choki and spends his days looking for the brave man from “Niraikanai” while he undergoes austere training in karate.
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A localised version of the hit Japanese series, Ryujin Mabuyer, the series debuted on 17 January 2014, on TV3. The series was a collaborative effort between Malaysia production company, Double Vision, Yomiuri-TV enterprise and Mabui Stone Corporation from Japan.

Iedil Putra as Ryujin Juwara.

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If you want to see Ryujin in action, tune into the series every Friday 7.30pm on TV3.

4. Supermak: Deep down inside, we know our mums are all superheroes anyway

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Real identity: Amy Salim, housewife.

How did Amy become a Supermak? Housewife Amy Salim possesses superhuman strength and speed that's passed down from her ancestors. Throughout her daily ongoings, she juggles between taking care of her two little kids and fighting crime. Typical day of a mum.

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Famous Malaysian actress Nasha Aziz starred as Amy Salim/Supermak. The series debuted on 11 July 2011 and ran for around 2 years.

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Too bad the series has ended, but you could still find bits and pieces of the series over on Youtube!

5. Atoi: He runs fast and throws bolts of lightning out of his hands, basically a combination of Flash and Thor...

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Real identity: Atoi, small town boy.

How did Atoi come about? Atoi, kampung boy turned super hero, when he is literally struck by lightning. With the help of some popular drink, Atoi's super powers come alive as he runs at the speed of sound and fires a bolt of lightning with his bare hands. Overcome by his latest discovery, Atoi moves to KL to join the elite group of super heroes known as, 'Kapoww'.

That hair.

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Directed by Azizi Chuck Adnan, the movie also details how Atoi deals with the glory of fame and fortune. And in the midst of this crisis with himself, comes the ultimate villain, Alakazamb.
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The movie started showing in theatres across the country back in June 2010.

6. Mantera: An acronym for Man Transformable Exo-Robotic Armor (that was quite a mouthful), the film is about a boy named Azman who was chosen to inherit a high-tech robot bodysuit

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Real identity: Azman, a college student.

How did Azman become a superhero: The prototype of a dangerous weapon system called the 'Mantera' or MAN - Transformable Exo-Robotic Armour was sabotaged and destroyed causing viable information to be destroyed. The scientist who is leading the research team, Dr. Natasya was missing too. But in actual fact, the 'Mantera' was accidentally shipped to a young boy in Malaysia called Azman, who is chosen to defend evil forces.

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First released in 2012, Mantera was filmed in Dubai, Moscow and Kuala Lumpur. The action-packed film was one of the first in Malaysia to combine computer-generated imagery (CGI) and live action.

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Tomok Indra One who is also the winner of One In A Million, starred as the lead character, Azman.

7. Antoo Fighter: Our version of the Ghostbusters...

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Real identity: 5 normal people from different walks of life.

How did 5 normal people become a supergroup?: A group of ghostly creatures from the past led by Drakulat Van Listerooy (Awie) returns to the present time terrorising the city after they had escaped from a group sworn to fight against evil spirits in the past. Drakulat and his ghost journeyed to Kuala Lumpur and conquered the KL Tower, making it their headquarters. The main mission of Drakulat was to free Lord Sharon, Satan's spawn, so they could conquer and destroy the whole world together. Antoo Fighter is a top secret group consisting of 5 chosen people on earth to protect the world from evil spirits every 60 years.

So. badass.

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Directed by Azizi Chuck Adnan, the film started showing in theatres on November 2008. Lead singer of famous rock band OAG - Radhi starred as the lead character, Pohjee.

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Close to 70% of the film was shot in CGI!

BONUS: Introducing our very own 1Malaysia Man...

This needs no introduction.

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The Man of Steal! Ooops, I mean, steel...

These invidividuals might not have any superpowers, but it doesn't make them less of a superhero...

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