Election's Over. Now Malaysian TikTok Users 'Vote' For Malaysia's Next Top Model

Your vote matters!

Cover image via Bernama/The Borneo Post & Harian Metro

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With the Prime Minister finally being appointed today, 23 November, a new political impasse arises: Who should become Malaysia's next top dreamboat?

As we all know, Undi18 took effect for the first time in the 15th General Election (GE15), and as a result, voter turnout this year was at an unprecedented high.

It was a glaring sign that today's youth, more than ever, want to be involved in pressing sociopolitical issues, see real systemic change, and better the welfare of the nation and its people.

But we also want to talk about cute boys. * wink *

Whether you want to confirm you're not the only one who feels some type of way for your local candidate, or if you're simply curious, this TikTok user has compiled a list of the top 6 dreamiest politicians.

6. Shahril Hamdan, 37

Image via Berita Bersatu

If you're looking for biracial and booksmart, look no further than former UMNO member and information chief Shahril Hamdan.

Born to a Chinese mother and Malay father, Shahril excelled in school as a straight-A student, receiving full scholarships at the University of Manchester and London School of Economics graduate (LSE).

Not too shabby Shahril!

5. Khairy Jamaluddin, 46

Appearing on this list to no one's surprise, is Barisan Nasional's (BN) Khairy Jamaluddin, better known to Malaysians (and his many female admirers) as KJ.

Not only is he a graduate of two of the most prestigious educational institutions in London, namely University of Oxford and University College London (UCL), the BN candidate has also graced the covers of Harper's Bazaar, Men's Health Magazine, and Unreserved Media. Brains and beauty? Sign me up.

But wait, there's more!

KJ has also tried his hand at documentary filmmaking, directing a movie on our country's sociopolitical issues called 15Malaysia. Adding to his non-conformist image, he recently petitioned for the legalisation of medical cannabis use in Malaysia. Um, by the way, should we mention he plays the electric guitar?

In a tweet that will live eternally on the Internet, KJ claims the women of Malaysia need to go back to "tall, dark, and handsome men" amidst the growing idolisation of K-pop artistes. Perhaps he was referring to himself? ;p

4. Lee Chean Chung, 41

Born and raised in Kuantan, Parti Keadilan Rakyat's (PKR) Lee is the only candidate on this list who's very vocal about sustainability and the ongoing climate crisis.

The PKR member has been active in environmental movements since 2011, such as Stop Lynas Coalition (SLC) and Himpunan Hijau 2.0.

In 2019, he also co-published a paper on Institutions for Sustainability: Informal Settlers and co-authored a book called Green Political Reform.

If he doesn't care about planet earth, then is it really worth?

3. Fahmi Fadzil, 41

Image via Air Times

For the artsy folks out there, this one's for you.

PKR's Fahmi is a Chemical Engineering graduate from Purdue University with a flair for drama and an undeniable artistic streak.

Before his debut in politics, he was a writer, actor, and a theatre performer. He also channelled his thespian roots for the sake of social activism, participating in the Taman Medan Community Arts Project in 2012, which tackled racial tensions among youth through performing and visual arts.

His career echoes the words of Toni Morrison, "All good art is political."

2. Syed Saddiq, 29

Image via Utusan

Saddiq is the founding member of the MUDA and has served as its first president.

His large social media presence, down-to-earth personality, undeniable good looks, and focus on youth issues make him a popular candidate among Gen Z.

Apparently, the reason Saddiq was knocked from first place on this TikTok list was because of his "questionable badminton skills", referring to a video of the candidate playing the sport that went viral on Twitter. It's okay Saddiq, you just can't win 'em all.

1. Taufiq Johari, 26

Coming in at number one is none other than PKR's Taufiq Johari, a medical graduate and the youngest and greenest political candidate on this list.

Following the collective heartache we've been feeling from the political turmoil following the 15th General Election (GE15), perhaps he's just what the doctor ordered.

Other TikTok users chimed in with their own sentiments, and those who disagreed even came up with their own rankings

One user had no complaints about who came out on top.

Image via TikTok

A different user argued that Khairy deserved to be in first place, followed by Shahril in second, Syed Saddiq in third, Adam Adli in fourth, and (this is a bit of a dark horse) Adly Zahari in fifth.

Image via TikTok

Another user said in jest that Khairy has a very particular fan base.

Image via TikTok

JK only lah guys, save the seriousness for the next election!

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