Malaysian Woman's Hilarious MCO Driving Licence Has Netizens In Tears

Nurul Nabihah told SAYS that the incident took place at a Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ) office in Kemaman, Terengganu.

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A woman's driving licence photo is going viral on Twitter due to a mistake that any of us could have committed under current circumstances.

She forgot to remove her face mask under her chin when her licence photo was being taken.

In a Twitter thread posted on Sunday, 28 June, Nurul Nabihah shared her journey of renewing her driving licence at a Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ) office.

"Here is how the story goes. I wanted to renew my licence. A JPJ officer told me that my photo is no longer in the system and asked if I brought [another] photo," Nabihah wrote.

"I replied, 'I didn't bring. Usually, officers will just scan over my licence (and use the photo), isn't it?'"

Little did she know that JPJ no longer practises the old way of doing things, and the officer asked her to head to another counter to take a new headshot

Writing in all caps now, Nabihah said she was surprised by the instruction.

I was only wearing a simple headscarf, worse yet, when my photo was being taken, I forgot to remove my face mask under my chin!

"Even the shoulder strap of my handbag was still hanging on me. Why didn't the officer taking the photo advise me to remove my face mask?" 

"My driving licence looks so bad now!" Nabihah lamented with over 10 crying emojis found on the post.

Nabihah said she only realised her slip-up after another officer pointed out the oddity in the photo

According to her, she only realised her face mask was still under her chin when the officer who gave her the new licence asked, "Why didn't you take off your face mask before the photo was being taken?"

With a heavy heart, Nabihah dismissed the blunder and said she will treat the licence as a memory.

"I told the officer, 'It's okay, encik. Make this a memory of MCO licence. When will I ever get the chance to wear a face mask while renewing my licence again?" she said.

At the time of writing, the tweet has gone viral with over 14,000 retweets and garnered 32,000 likes

Nabihah told SAYS that she was at the JPJ office located in Kemaman, Terengganu.

The licence will be stuck with her for three years. She was at the office to change her Probationary Driving Licence (PDL) - also known as the 'P' licence - to Competent Driving License (CDL).

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Image via Saifullizan Tamadi/Harian Metro

In the comment section, many netizens were having a laugh at Nabihah's slip-up, while some shared that they made the same mistake too

"Don't worry, you have a gang," commented a Twitter user while showing off his face mask-wearing driving licence photo.

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