These Malaysians Share Their 'Durian Runtuh' Stories And We're Super Jealous

You wish they'll happen to you too.

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1. "I found an empty spot the moment I entered the parking lot... and it was right in front of the lift lobby."

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"So I drove into the mall fully prepared to spend at least 10 minutes looking for a parking spot because it was a public holiday. I mean, cars were queuing up just to get into the parking lot! But suddenly this car just drove away and I was like 'OMG I haven't even started looking for one'. 

But here's the best part - it was right in front of the lift lobby. SCORE!"

- Laila, 30, Writer

2. "They had this promotion where you get a set of four-piece nuggets for free... but they gave me six nuggets."

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"We went to the nearest fast food joint because my friend wanted a burger and I just wanted nuggets. Then we saw that there was a promotion going on where you get a set of four-piece nuggets for free if you paid using your debit card. So of course we used my friend's debit card because I wanted FREE nuggets, ok?

And when I finally sat down to eat my lunch, I saw there weren't four but SIX nuggets. So yay! Two more free nuggets for me!" 

- Azlyn, 18, Student

3. "I got 50% off my meal using a voucher my friend gave me... and they gave me a free dessert because I was their 888th customer."

"My friend gave me a 50% voucher to be used at this restaurant. Cheap food, of course I want. RM6 for a chicken chop set, come on. The best deal ever.

When I was almost done the waiter came with a brownie and vanilla ice cream, saying it's complimentary because I was their 888th customer. HUAT AH!"

- Sheng, 24, Marketing Executive

4. "2 years ago I got my dream job... and then I married my dream girl, whom I met there."

"This is going to be a very cheesy story. I finally got the job I've been dreaming of doing at this company that I love. I love my job. I love my company. I love my colleagues. Everyone there was cool, especially this girl who sits opposite me.

Two years later, I married that girl :) and I'm still doing my dream job. Oh! We have three kids now too!"

- Haikal, 32, Digital Marketer

5. "I went shoe shopping and took the cheapest pair on discount... turns out the price tag was wrong and it was even cheaper."

"I needed new sneakers and since I was still studying that time, I only looked at those that are on sale. Save money mah. I finally picked a pair and when I was about to pay, I saw that the price displayed on the cash register was EVEN LOWER. Like almost 50% lower than the one stated on the price tag!

Turns out that they put the wrong price tag on the shoe. The correct one was on the shoe box, which I didn't notice until I was about to pay."

- Ruxyn, 24, Journalist

6. "I've been putting money into an education savings scheme which gives me tax relief every year... then last month I won RM1,000 in a prize draw because of it."

"Every month I put RM100 into this account called SSPN-i Plus to save up for my future kids' education. Since going to university can be expensive, makes sense to start saving now, kan? And it's quite good also because I just found out that I can get up to RM12,000 in tax relief every year from that. 

Then last month I got a letter from PTPTN saying that I won RM1,000 in a prize draw organised by them. So happy! Now I got more, more money!"

- Rudy, 26, Video Producer

7. "I got my tickets to Tokyo at a super cheap price because there was a sale... then on the departure day they upgraded me to Business Class for free."

"One of the airlines was having a sale that day and I decided to try my luck to see if I could find any cheap tickets. Managed to find a pair to Tokyo for spring season at RM500+, return trip! Quickly bought it. 

Then on the day I was finally gonna see the sakuras, the lady at the check-in counter told me that they're giving me a free upgrade to Business Class. I was so happy I didn't ask her why, just said "ok thanks!" and enjoyed my Business Class seats and food. And I paid discounted Economy Class price for this man!"

- Brandon, 27, Web Designer

8. "I went to the mall to get drumsticks because I wanted to give them to Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters during the concert later... and then I met Taylor in the mall."

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"I still remember this. It was the Foo Fighters concert. I was so excited because this is my first time seeing them live! So I went to the mall to get drumsticks. I really wanted to give Taylor Hawkins something - he's my favourite member. I mean, I don't know if I'll ever get the chance to attend another concert. I'm just such a big fan!

Was walking around the mall after getting the drumsticks, killing time, just chilling. Then I saw Taylor right there. He was just sitting on one of the benches in the mall. Literally! I was so starstruck. Then I remembered "drumsticks". I need to give him the drumsticks now. So I went up to him, told him I'm a big fan, and gave him the drumsticks. He said it was a great gift and that he was moved by it. He even gave me a hug! I think I died for a while there."

- Julie, 30, Editor

9. "I bumped into my favourite actor, Dante Basco, when I was running errands... and he invited me to lunch, movie, and dinner with him!"

"This was when I was still studying in Melbourne. I was running errands one day and I bumped into Dante Basco, my all-time favourite actor (he was that sexy guy in the movie 'Take the Lead')!! I approached him and he even let me take a selfie with him!

He asked for directions to a certain shop and since it was quite difficult to find, I offered to walk him there. Then he invited me for lunch, and that was followed by a movie, then dinner, and then cakes! OMG! I just spent a full day with my favourite actor! It was amazinggggg!"

- Gowri, 25, Writer

10. "We bought a brand new TV that was on discount... then the guy at the store later told us it came with free iflix subscription for a year, so it was even better!"

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"My husband and I were thinking of getting a new TV. So we did some research online and found one with full HD that was quite affordable. When we went to the nearby store to check it out, we saw that very model on discount! About 30% off, it was totally worth it. 

Also, the guy at the counter later told us that all TVs in their store come with a free one-year iflix subscription. The TV-shopping experience got even better..."

- Aisha, 27, Chef

11. "I was asked to review the new phone launched by my favourite brand... and they let me keep the phone after that."

"I love gadgets. That's why I was so excited when my favourite brand gave me their latest phone for review purposes. I had so much fun testing the camera and just 'playing' with the phone, was really convinced to get one for myself too. 

When it was time to return it, the person-in-charge said that I could actually keep it. WOOHOO! Free phone!"

- Siva, 26, Blogger

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