Malaysians Tell Us About The Most Exciting 'Merdeka' Moments In Their Lives


1. "I've never felt as free as I did on the last day of SPM"

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"As soon as the final paper was over, all the Form 5 students in school ran out of our classes screaming "MERDEKAAAAAAA" at the top of our lungs! It really did feel like we just gained out independence - not only were we finally done with all the studying and stress, but we were also at the end of an entire stage of our lives. It felt so surreal, not knowing what comes next."

- Fatin, 21

2. "Getting my first ever salary made me feel like a total bawse"

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"I was only an intern back then so it's not like I was earning big bucks or anything but it made me feel good to be able to stop relying so much on my allowance. And the best part is that they cannot say no when I want to buy something since it's my money hehe!"

- Tasha, 20

3. "During my last semester of my final year at uni, my workload was crazy"

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I had 9 research assignments due within the final two weeks, I still don't know how I managed to get everything done on time. The day my friends and I submitted our LAST EVER assignments, we were so happy that we literally danced down the street, not caring who saw us. It was the most amazing feeling!"

- Priya, 24

4. "I went all diva on my last day of work and sang to my boss before I left"

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"I was given a scholarship to further my studies by a corporate company and had to serve a bond with them after my graduation for a few years. I enjoyed working there but it also kind of felt like I was being forced to stay, unable to move on to other great opportunities. On the last day of my bond, I legit sang George Michael’s ‘Freedom’ to my now ex-boss then walked out of the office."
- Rachel, 28.

5. "I went deep sea diving at night - it was so intense!"

"The sea was black and I was in the middle of it. The water felt infinite, there were no boundaries, I could move up, down, sideways, flip any way I wanted. It was like I was flying… but in water!"

- Lam, 30

6. "My mother and I went parasailing on a whim and it was the best thing we've ever done together"

"We were on a Christmas holiday in Penang and saw parasailing services while walking on the beach. We randomly decided to give it a try and OMGGG it was the best thing ever! Literally flying through the air with her, looking down at beach and ocean sprawled out below us, on Christmas morning no less, was the most magical and freeing moment I've ever experienced. I didn't want to come down!"

- Shalini, 27

7. "Most people would probably find driving alone at night quite creepy but that's when I feel truly free"

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Not a lot of people like having to drive everywhere, especially if it's alone and long-distance, but I really enjoy it. It's my favourite way of getting to enjoy some me-time. I especially love driving to or back from outstation late at night when there's barely anyone else on the roads.

- Daniel, 33

8. "I love my family to bits but my big merdeka moment was moving out of the family home"

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"Living on my own for the first time came with a whole set of challenges (like learning how to do the laundry myself omg I'll never take you for granted again mum) but it also marked a huge moment of independence for me."

- Ahmad, 29

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