[PHOTOS] Check Out How These 9 Famous Roads In KL Have Changed Over The Years

Now you know the roads your grandparents refer to.

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Have you ever wondered how your city used to look like?

Here are a few popular streets in Kuala Lumpur that went through a surprising amount of changes over the past few decades:

1. Campbell Road (Jalan Dang Wangi)

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2. Mountbatten Road (Jalan Tun Perak)

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3. High Street (Jalan Tun HS Lee)

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Image via Google Maps

4. Old Market Square (Medan Pasar Besar)

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5. Treacher Road (Jalan Sultan Ismail)

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6. Market Street (Jalan Lebuh Pasar)

Image via Era Baru
Image via Era Baru

7. Batu Road (Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman)

8. China Town (Petaling Street)

9. Victory Avenue (Jalan Sultan Hishammudin)

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Image via Shahir Omar

How many of the old road names did you recognise? Let us know in the comments section below!

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