[PHOTOS] The Story Behind Malaysia's First Theme Park That Was Abandoned Over 20 Years Ago

Since Mimaland's closure in 1994, the site was left largely untouched.

Cover image via Saja Kongsi (Edited)

In 1971, the doors of Mimaland were opened to the public. It was Malaysia's first theme park.

Mimaland is the shortened form for 'Malaysia In Miniature Land', as the park was famous for its large-scale dinosaur replicas in a place that was surrounded by tropical rainforest.

Located at Gombak, Selangor, the theme park also had lake for boating and fishing.

Attractions such as a pool that was said to be the largest in Southeast Asia and a giant slide kept the visitors coming after its grand opening

It used to be a popular spot among locals and tourists alike until a series of events led to the theme park's closure in 1994

In January 1993, a Singaporean tourist was killed in a tragic incident at Mimaland. It was said that the victim had drowned in the pool. The following year, development in the area led to a minor landslide which caused the conditions of the pool to deteriorate and there were safety issues.

It was learned that the park was temporarily closed so improvements could be made for the safety of visitors. Unfortunately, after the incidents, Mimaland never reopened. 

As strange as it may seem, Mimaland has turned into a different kind of attraction that appeals to thrill-seekers who are up for an adventure

Image via Saja Kongsi

The deserted Mimaland has been abandoned ever since its closure, as the owners decided to leave it idle.

These days people head to Mimaland out of curiosity, especially since there have been claims that "mysterious and unusual" things have happened at the site, making it as one of the most popular "haunted" places in the country.

Meanwhile, there are those who purposefully go there for recreational activities, stopping by while they hike or trek around the area even when they might be caught for trespassing at the privately-owned land.

What's obvious is that the place is dilapidated and vandalism has only made it worse. All these things give the park a sense of eerie surrealism and even an apocalyptic look.

There were also reports that wildlife such as tiger have been sighted. People who visited the place also noted that there are security guards on site to keep the public out.

This will usually deter people from coming but Mimaland is still attracting people today - even if these visitors are of a totally different crowd than what a theme park would usually cater to.

Urban explorers may find it fascinating but in actual fact, Mimaland is barely recognisable from its original form

Forsaken as it is, Mimaland has not been forgotten by fans

Photos and videos are still being shared on a Facebook Page that is dedicated to its memory from time to time.

Over the past two decades, many fans have hoped that Mimaland would one day reopen, although year by year that dream seems to fade away.

There were talks to redevelop Mimaland but by 2015, it was reported that the joint venture between MPHB Capital Bhd, who owns 98.2% of Mimaland Bhd, and Bandar Raya Developments Bhd’s (BRDB) unit Magna Senandung Sdn Bhd was terminated.

Watch this video for a snippet of what Mimaland looks like in the year 2017:

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