Man Accidentally Falls Asleep While Trying Out RM12,000 Mattress & Buys It Upon Waking Up

He was in such deep sleep that the furniture store owner said she heard him snoring.

Cover image via Jiupai News (Weibo)

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A man in China recently became a viral sensation after he fell asleep in a furniture store

According to Chinese media outlet Jiupai News, the man was testing out mattresses at a furniture store in Lishui, Zhejiang, before he accidentally fell asleep on one of them.

He was in such deep sleep that the furniture store owner said she heard him snoring.

In good faith, the store owner told local media that she allowed him to continue sleeping

She also told her employees to switch off the lights and cover him with a blanket.

In the now viral video of the customer sleeping comfortably in her store, the store owner revealed that after the man woke up, he immediately bought the mattress for 19,000 yuan (RM12,400).

The receipt in the video showed the customer had also bought something else for 4,500 yuan (RM2,935), making his whole expenditure at the store a whopping 23,500 yuan (RM15,335).

The video shared by Jiupai News has garnered close to five million views, with amused netizens commenting on how comfortable the customer was sleeping in the store

"[If you can] lie down and fall sleep immediately, it's a good bed," a Weibo user commented.

Image via Weibo

"That's very good, the owner didn't wake him up, and didn't even stop him from testing. The mattress deserved to be sold," said another.

Image via Weibo

Meanwhile, someone else wondered, "I want to know what brand the mattress is. I also want to lie down and fall asleep immediately."

Image via Weibo

Watch the viral video here:

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