Customer Buys Honda Motorbike With Coins Only & Salesgirls Take 20 Minutes To Count It All

"We're happy to count them all for no additional charge!"

Cover image via Akhom Charoen Honda Motorcycles Chon Buri (Facebook) & Sanook

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Penny for your thoughts? A recent purchase made at a motorbike store in Thailand has gone viral for a rather unbelievable reason.

Akhom Charoen Honda Motorcycles, a motorcycle shop located in the province of Chon Buri in Eastern Thailand, published a photo to their Facebook page on 25 September of their employees sitting on the ground counting coins

"Guess how many coins there are?" the beginning of the caption for the photo read. "The customer told me he saved up every day to buy the [Honda] PCX160 in cash! Excellent! We enjoyed counting."

Yeah, you guessed that right. One person paid for an entire new motorbike for himself using just coins.

The employees of Akhom Charoen Honda Motorcycles counting coins for the purchase of the Honda PCX160.

Image via Akhom Charoen Honda Motorcycles Chon Buri (Facebook)

It was later revealed that the employees of Akhom Charoen counted a whopping THB102,500 (approximately RM12,577) in coins

In a conversation with Thai digital media platform, Sanook, a sales representative of the motorcycle store, who goes by Suwanna Chunram, stated that the customer had called them earlier to ask if he could pay for the PCX160 using coins, to which she said yes.

The customer then came in on the afternoon of 25 September carrying two boxes of coins for the staff to count. Chunram had called on more staff members to work that day to assist in counting all the coins.

Image via Sanook

On top of that, it was reported that the employees only took 20 minutes to count all of the THB102,500 (RM12,577) and a separate registration fee

However, it was also stated that the purchaser had already segregated his coins to small bags of THB100 (approximately RM12) within the boxes.

According to Chunram, no customer has ever made an entire purchase that big in the store's history. The closest they had was a down payment made for a bike which amounted to THB1,500 (approximately RM185) in coins, though the remainder was not.

Regardless of the method of payment, Chunram also stated that all customers are welcome to present their money to be counted by the staff, without any deductions or additional charges for the effort.

The unnamed customer with his new Honda PCX160.

Image via Sanook

Would you pay for a vehicle that costs hundreds of thousands of ringgit in coins? Let us know!

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