McDonald's China Introduces Coriander Ice Cream And It Kinda Looks Tasty

My heart says 'yes' but my mind says 'no'.

Cover image via @ZhugeEX (Twitter) & @Ajarncom (Twitter)

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Controversial opinion but I LOVE coriander. Without it, the taste of soups, sauces, and marinades just do not have that same kick to it.

Coriander is that subtle ingredient that doesn't get praised enough, but important enough to leave an impact in a dish or alter the taste completely.

Paired with ice cream though? I'm not so sure.

Despite it being a divisive ingredient and garnish, McDonald's China recently released a coriander-flavoured sundae that has got people either feeling intrigued or making them gag

The fast-food chain introduced the new flavour for a limited time between 21 February and 25 February. It's selling at CNY6.6 (RM4.38) in McDonald's stores in China as a series of "members only" promotions.

Considering many dishes combine both savoury and sweet together, this would make sense. Right?

One person tweeted that they tasted it and it has a slight lime and mint flavour.

Of course, not everyone was too thrilled by the unusual combination

Image via Twitter

Still, some went out to try it for themselves. 

This person perfectly explains it

Image via Twitter

Not limited to just China, apparently McDonald's Thailand previously released a special ice cream flavour too — chilli paste pork ice cream:

This isn't the first time McDonald's China has come up with an unusual combination:

A café in KL also released coriander ice cream in 2019: