McDonald's Fries Balenciaga For Its Red Carton Shoes That Look Strangely Familiar

The shoes have been dubbed "McBalenciagas".

Cover image via Lyst via Fashion Journal/Instagram @mcdonaldssverige (Edited by SAYS)

There was the "beg selimut Toto" and then there was IKEA's iconic blue bag, now Balenciaga is turning heads with yet another "copycat" design:

The square-toe leather mules aren't available on the official website anymore, but Hypebeast tags it at USD740 (RM3,021).

The mules, which were released last year, have drawn comparisons to a pretty famous fast food chain:

Without dropping any names, McDonald's Sweden posted this cheeky photo to their Instagram:

In the caption, McDonald's wrote, "If we get 103,042 likes, we will release these for real." Nice.

It's not clear why it took McDonald's so long to respond, but judging by the hashtags, the post was meant to be a cheeky reference Fashion Week Stockholm which ran from 4 to 6 February.

This isn't the first time Balenciaga has been "called out" for its copycat looks:

Though they aren't alone in questionable creations: