Got A 'Dad Bod'? Flaunt It And Get A 67% Discount At This Water Park

Who needs abs, when you've got flab?

Cover image via Leofoo Water Park/Dollar Shave Club

Calling all men with 'dad bods'!

This water park in Taiwan is offering a one-of-a-kind promotion – show off your potbelly and get a generous discount on its entrance fee.

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Leofoo Water Park is part of one of the biggest theme parks in Taiwan

One water park entry ticket costs NT500 (RM66). But with the discount, you can get it for only NT199 (RM26).

That's a whopping 67% discount! Not too flabby shabby, I must say.

According to NextShark, the theme park announced on its Facebook page that the promotion ended over the weekend, but will bring it back at a later date.

With every good discount, comes a handful of visitors who try to make the best of it

According to Taiwan Newsgirlfriends would reportedly insist to staff that their boyfriends have potbellies, while boyfriends would attempt to suck it in to prove otherwise.

Theme park staff also observed that if a group of young men walked in, they would often deny having big bellies after staff tell them about the discount.

However, if a family entered the water park, the father figure has no issues flaunting his dad bod.

Flaunt, don't taunt. :p

Image via Giphy

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