[PHOTOS] Mister Global Malaysia 2023 & 35 Other Contestants In Their National Costumes

Feast your eyes on these extravagant outfits!

Cover image via Mister Global (Facebook)

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Mister Global 2023 is back and it's taking place on Sunday, 26 November, in Thailand

Every year since its founding in 2014, the international men's beauty pageant highlights contestants' physical fitness, intelligence, and personality.

Contestants from different countries take part in events like showcasing national costumes, swimwear, and formal wear. They're also evaluated on their communication skills and charitable efforts.

This year, there are 36 participants, including Malaysia's representative, Alejandro Kwang Liang Legaria Sim. This is his national costume:

From elaborate armour to feathers galore, you're in for some eye-candy!

Here's a look at the 35 other contestants' national costumes:

1. Yi Fang Gao from Canada

2. Chomroeun Sovannareach from Cambodia

3. Luiz Gustavo Mustafe Peres from Brazil

4. Álvaro Andrés Flores Carvajal from Chile

5. Andy Gonzáles Quintana from Cuba

6. František Knobloch from Czech Republic

7. Ruddy Alexander Taveras Vasquez from Dominican Republic

8. Bruno Barbieri Roggiero from Ecuador

9. Eric Rene Moreno Solis from El Salvador

10. Jessy Jaremczyk from France

11. Oliver Cheung Chi Jie from Hong Kong

12. Jason Dylan Bretfelean from India

13. Rex Cheang Si San from Macau

14. Shuaib Oluwaseyifunmi Sosanya Araga from Nigeria

15. Jordan O'Neill Cintrón Jiménez from Puerto Rico

16. Kevin Davalos Wei Tai from Taiwan

17. Lê Hữu Đạt from Vietnam

18. Aaron Mohammed from Trinidad and Tobago

19. Marcel Ignacio Riera from Switzerland

20. Patihan Pengsook from Thailand

21. Hiripitiyage Gihan Danushka Silva from Sri Lanka

22. Pedro Cordero Infantes from Spain

23. Jonathan Albert Lambert from South Africa

24. Muhammad Fuad Al-Hakim from Singapore

25. Maligie Kamara from Sierra Leone

26. Ilgiz Farrakhov from Russia

27. John Ernest Tanting from Philippines

28. Raúl Pinto Moran from Panama

29. Samarpan Jung Karki from Nepal

30. Ye Thway Thiha from Myanmar

31. Mickael Mounir Berrut from Morocco

32. Sengphachanh Sengchanthavong from Laos

33. José Carlos Novelo Puerto from Mexico

34. Jeung Yoon Lim from Korea

35. Daniel William Wijaya from Indonesia

Which country's national costume is your favourite? Let us know your pick!

Missed last year's contest? Here are their extravagant national costumes:

Mister International, which took place last year, saw 34 contestants compete for the title:

Check out these other creative national costumes from previous beauty pageants:

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