10 (More) Pun-Tastic Reasons To Get Cheras To IKEA Cheras

If you've been FYLLIG like your home could use a makeover, now's the time to start.

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If you loved the Get Cheras to IKEA Cheras video, then read on for even more pun-tastic reasons to get Cheras to IKEA Cheras, stat!

1. Whether it's to find décor inspiration or organisation hacks, you're bound to FYNDIG on a trip to IKEA

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Why else do we keep going to IKEA and successfully convince ourselves that we do, in fact, need that cute shelf or yet another pack of photo frames? It's the ingenious ideas we can't help but fall in love with every time!

2. You'll find all you need, from bedroom essentials to kitchen utensils. The only thing you'll LACK is time.

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3. Take your time, look ARÖD. Feel free to test out any furniture if you need to.

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4. The comfy bedroom section is so tempting, you kinda envy that bold KNAPPER on the bed

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The only thing that's stopping you is how completely awkward you'll look to passers-by, especially if your drool decides to make an appearance too.

5. Could use a new rug? How about TEJN?

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6. What's a day at IKEA without a proper DINERA of Swedish meatballs and the other favourites?

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Sometimes, furniture shopping is just a thinly-veiled excuse to gobble down meatballs and chicken wings at the restaurant, and stock up on those irresistible curry puffs at the cafe.

6. For things that TICKAR your fancy, make a beeline for it at the place where décor dreams come true: the Market Hall

Image via IKEA

The never-ending rows of neatly-stacked goods are bound to pleasure the OCD in you.

7. Waste no time enjoying your new furniture! It AINA problem to bring them all home yourself.

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8. Thank goodness for flat packs! It's not HÅRTE to fit your haul in the car.

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9. Here comes the fun part: putting it all together! Consult the manual for the simplest METOD.

Image via IKEA

10. If something's not right with your new goods, you can always BREIM them back

See you at IKEA Cheras soon!

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Let's hope these IKEA wonders will make an appearance in Malaysia in the near future too!