Netizens React To M'sian Finding The Thinnest Piece Of Egg Ever In His Nasi Lemak

"It's thinner than a SIM card."

Cover image via @matden17 (X)

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A man on Twitter is going viral for getting the thinnest piece of omelette we have ever seen in his packet of nasi lemak

Twitter user @matden17 shared a video showing his disbelief at how thin and small the piece of egg in the packet of rice he bought for breakfast was.

"This nasi lemak egg is thinner than my faith," he tweeted in jest.

As of writing, his video and photos have gained over one million views.

Image via @matden17 (X)
Image via @matden17 (X)

His tweet of the borderline transparent piece of egg also garnered tonnes of funny responses from amused Malaysians

While highlighting the poor state of the economy and how far vendors would go to save cost, many joked about how thin and perfectly cut the omelette was.

"That's a 40gsm piece of egg they gave," said a Twitter user, comparing the egg to tracing paper.

Image via X

"It's thinner than a SIM card," cried another.

Image via X

A user joked, "It's a blanket for the anchovies."

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Someone said they thought of this sad scene from an old Mickey Mouse cartoon.

Meanwhile, someone also compared the yellow square to Spongebob Squarepants.

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