Hawker Stall In Singapore Charges Extra RM1.70 For Char Kuey Teow Without Taugeh

Would you pay the surcharge?

Cover image via 徐颖荃/Shin Min Daily News & Mira Gas

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A hawker stall in Singapore has recently sparked some discontent by imposing a surcharge of SGD0.50 (approximately RM1.70) for char kuey teow orders without taugeh

According to Shin Min Daily News, the hawker stall owner, surnamed Wu (transliteration), has been selling char kuey teow for 20 years.

Having recently moved to Fajar Shopping Centre, Bukit Panjang, her displayed price list for meal customisations has left many diners perplexed.

The sign reads:
– Seafood topping: SGD2 (RM6.90)
– Egg topping: SGD1 (RM3.45)
– Extra taugeh: SGD0.50 (RM1.70)
– Only kuey teow: SGD0.50 (RM1.70)
– Only yellow noodles: SGD0.50 (RM1.70)
– Without taugeh: SGD0.50 (RM1.70)

The stall also serves oyster omelette, carrot cake, and fried bee hoon.

The sign sparked controversy on the Internet, although it is understood that some customers are accepting of the pricing

Wu told Shin Min Daily News that her intention is not to earn an extra SGD0.50 from her customers. Instead, the surcharge is a critical to ensure the sustainability of her business.

"We are trying to make things easier for ourselves.

"Our stall only has three woks that can prepare up four to five portions at a time.

"If customers don't want taugeh, we need to prepare in a separate batch, which takes up our time and energy," explained Wu.

As an example, Wu said a customer once made three distinct orders, each with specific noodle preferences: one with just kuey teow, another with just yellow noodles, and a third with only bee hoon.

Wu said she had to cook three times for that customer, saying, "If the orders came during peak hours, other diners in line would have to wait for a long time."

Photo for illustration purposes only.

Image via Tripadvisor

A customer at the food court told the news daily that even though she doesn't eat taugeh, she prefers not to customise her order and pay an additional SGD0.50

Instead, she would pick out the taugeh during her meal.

Another customer said the prices are stated clearly, and if one cannot accept it, they can simply choose not to patronise that stall.

Wu stated that some customers refused to buy from her after hearing her explanation, and she respects their decision.

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Image via Woon Heng

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