Mum & Dad Dress Up In School Uniforms To Accompany Their Son On His First Day At School

Cuteness overload!

Cover image via Kosmo Online (Facebook)

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A boy who began Standard 1 this Monday, 20 March, was accompanied by two adorable 'classmates' who were there to make sure the anxiety of his first day at school didn't get to him

The boy's 'classmates' were his own parents, who were dressed up as primary school students.

As seen in a video uploaded on Facebook by Kosmo, the parents, Mohd Fadzil and Nurul Aini Mohd Olwi, both aged 41, were wearing white and blue school uniforms that matched their son's uniform.

The dad was even carrying his own backpack!

In the video, the dad was seen adjusting the straps of the boy's backpack, while the mum was seen caressing his face

The boy was initially nervous but was assured by his mum that it was going to be all okay.

The sight of the parents going all-out to help their son have a good first day at school warmed everyone's hearts.

Social media users praised the supportive mum and dad.

Watch the adorable parents here:

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