We Can’t Stop Laughing At The Memes Inspired By Najib’s "Fit And Steady" Workout Pic

From Bird Box to One Punch Man, our former PM is right at home in any situation. :p

Cover image via Najib Razak Facebook / Hin Yee

Malaysians have officially crowned their first meme icon of 2019.

It all started when former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak posted a photo of himself working out on New Year's Day.

Weird flex, but ok.

Image via Najib Razak Facebook

Being one of the most meme-able faces in the country, Najib's weird flex quickly sparked a Photoshop battle for the ages. Prepare to LOL:

1. 'Bird Box' memes are all the rage right now, so we totally saw this coming... :p

Image via Hin Yee

2. You can't deny that Najib's, *ahem*, arms are strategically placed for kayuh-ing a boat. :p

Image via Lee Hangsen

3. One last boat meme then we move on, okay? This one got story one. :p

4. "I'm Jibby Poppins, y'all!"

Image via Calvin Michael

5. Who needs The Hulk when you have Jib-buster?

6. Maybe he'll fare better piloting a Gundam mobile suit

7. May the Force be with Najib in this Pod Race

"Inilah perlumbaan pod!"

Image via Mohammad Shazreen Haini

8. Move aside, Dominic Toretto. Initial Jib will leave you trailing in the dust!

9. Like the wall, Trump can only dream of keeping up with BFF Jibster's workout routine

10. He may no longer be prime minister, but Najib is still defending us from malicious forces

11. 100 push-ups. 100 sit-ups. 100 squats. 10KM run. EVERY. DAY.

Image via

12. You're gonna wanna hold on to your wigs for the day Najib goes Super Saiyan

13. "I don't always work out. But when I do, my skull catches on fire."

Image via MGAG

Nicholas Cage also kalah weh. 

14. Najib takes on the mantle of the Red Ranger in this iconic '90s kids TV show

Image via Heimrih Lim

15. And last but not least - if you can't beat 'em, join 'em I suppose...

Najib is not the only politician to have been turned into memes. Thanks to these creative politicians, we had plenty of Photoshop battle-worthy material to laugh at in 2018:

Also, let's not forget that one time in 2016 when Jamal Yunos started a protest wearing only a towel: