Father And Daughter Who Invited Starving Man To Join Them For Bak Kut Teh Go Viral

The father had noticed the man watching them while they were eating bak kut teh.

Cover image via Willy Chong/Facebook (Edited by SAYS)

A netizen's Facebook post relating a heartwarming incident he witnessed has gone viral for all the right reasons

Facebook user Willy Chong related the moment on his personal account, along with a photo he captured of the group.

At the time of writing, the post gained over 7,100 shares. 

According to Chong, the father had noticed the man - clad in a green tee and black shorts - watching them as they were eating

"[He was] standing at the door of this bak kut teh store, watching and watching, always touching the stomach," Chong wrote.

Chong said the father (in red) saw the man standing there and asked if he was hungry.

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Image via Asian Inspirations

When the homeless man nodded to say he was hungry, the father then invited the man to sit down with them and ordered food for him

"The best part was, the little girl did not dislike the homeless man," Chong wrote.

"She also told her father to give the man a cup of Chinese tea."

He added, "There is warmth in the world, and I highly praise this father and daughter."

The simple moment has left many netizens touched and hopeful

"This is what we want to teach our children," one netizen said.

Another netizen said it was a good example that everyone should learn from.

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Posted by Willy Chong on Saturday, 18 May 2019

As recent history has shown, food is one of the main things that unite Malaysians together: