Netizens Applaud The Agong For His Humility After Photos Of Him Visiting A School Go Viral

Just like the other students, he was seen sitting at his own desk, eating a packet of nasi lemak.

Cover image via Instagram @istana_negara

Earlier today, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (YDPA) went viral for a series of photos taken during his visit to Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Danau Kota, Kuala Lumpur

Since schools reopened just two days prior, on 24 June, the YDPA decided to spend some time at SMK Danau Kota to see how students and teachers were coping with the new learning environment.

Experiencing a school day for himself, the Agong's down-to-earth nature was captured in a series of photos that can now be found on the National Palace's social media accounts.

One image showing the YDPA posing as a student in a classroom has since gained 17,000 likes on Instagram

Just like the students surrounding them, the Agong and Education Minister Dr Radzi Jidin were seen sitting behind their own desks and eating a packet of nasi lemak each. 

Netizens praised the Agong for his humility, adding that he is a prime example of what a leader should be

However, several commenters were more interested in the male student sitting near the YDPA

A few netizens wondered if the male student in the photo was Muhammad Fikri Mohd Fauzi, who earlier this week became popular for his honest and relatable response to an interviewer asking him how he had spent his time during the various movement control orders. 

As quoted by Malaysian Gazette, the student answered, "I've mainly been watching Korean dramas and sleeping."

After cross-checking the schools however, SAYS found that the two teens merely look alike and are not the same person.

Muhammad Fikri Mohd Fauzi.

Image via Afiq Razali/Malaysia Gazette

A separate video showing the Agong addressing a Physics class garnered over 107,000 views in just a few hours after posting

In it, he encourages the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) students to work hard to achieve success. He can even be seen joking with the class and listening to the teacher's brief explanation of the topic they were covering.

The YDPA ended his caption saying, "I pray that all teachers and students in Malaysia who are back in school will be at ease and protected by God."

This is not the first time netizens have been taken by the King and Queen's generous and compassionate nature:

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