Netizens Are Loving How This Klang Boy Traded Fish For A New Rod

"Hold on, I'm on the way to exchange 12 tilapia fish for a gaming chair at Gamer's Hideout."

Cover image via Twitter @RoobGanesan

Even as we move towards e-commerce, there are those who have not forgotten the joys of bartering

Roob Ganesan, founder of sportfishing equipment store DRAVE, recently took to Twitter to describe an encounter he had with a young boy from Klang. 

"During lunch, I received a call from one of my staff. 'Boss, there's a chubby kid looking for you.' I wondered who could possibly be looking for me," Roob wrote. 

The boy was pictured standing with Roob, explaining that his fishing rod had broken. 

Without much money to spare, the young angler instead offered Roob his catch of the day in return for a new rod

Peering into the bucket provided by the Klang native, the store owner found four haruan (snakehead murrel) fish swimming. 

"He did not steal and worked hard to catch the haruan fish. I decided to give the rod to him," Roob said.

The DRAVE founder joked, "Is anyone looking for 300g of haruan fish?"

Netizens were impressed by the boy's street smarts, praising him for having worked for his reward

Another Twitter user cheekily said, "Hold on, I'm on the way to exchange 12 tilapia fish for a gaming chair at Gamer's Hideout."

Meanwhile, several people were fascinated with the other kid eating an ice cream. 

"He's taking quite a while to finish that ice cream," one person said.

The tweet has garnered 8,600 likes since posting it on 14 July. 

When there's a will, there's a way. This determined Puchong boy similarly sold mango juice to make enough money for a PS4:

Kids aren't the only ones putting in the effort to get what they want:

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