Malaysians Redesigned The Visit Malaysia 2020 Logo And TBH These Look So Much Better

Whatever the ministry can do, netizens can do it better.

Cover image via Syaheer , Atira , Nazhif , Hidayatullah

ICYMI: This is the official 'Visit Malaysia 2020' logo

The logo was launched by Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz at the Asean Tourism Forum (ATF) 2018 in Chiang Mai, Thailand last Friday, 26 January.

The logo has been heavily criticised by netizens on social media. 

Though the Tourism and Culture Ministry insists that they are standing by the much-derided logo, that didn’t stop netizens from producing their alternative (and better) take of the logo:

Image via Atira Ariffyn

The creator said she only took 30-40 minutes to design it, like what?

Image via Ahmad Fazrin

Just so pleasing to the eye. You can even see KLCC and KL Tower in the last two digits.

Minimalistic, futuristic and traditional are the three concepts the creator tried to capture.

6. Hafiz

Image via Hafiz
Image via Nazhif Tarmizi

This was designed and created in 20 minutes. WOW!

Can you believe that this was done in 30 minutes? What even.

Image via

This would be the best logo for sporting events!

Simple, yet so beautiful.

An actual representation of Malaysia in just one poster!

Image via Atiiq Azman
Image via Cuhax Hafiz

16. Real Zyad

Image via Real Zyad
Image via Adib Akmal

Maybe it's not too late to change the logo, Nazri?

After all, Malaysians are not at all impressed with the new 'Visit Malaysia 2020' logo:

Malaysians are not only good at designing logos, they are very good at gaming too:

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