[PHOTOS] Here's A First Look At The New BTS LEGO Set That's Lit Like 'Dynamite'

It features all seven members!

Cover image via LEGO

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International K-pop superstars BTS are getting an official LEGO set! There's truly no higher honour than this. :P

Image via LEGO

Based on their 2020 smash hit Dynamite, the LEGO set will feature 749 pieces, including scenes and settings from the video like the disco, donut shop, record store, and ice-cream truck.

All the boys will be present in LEGO form, including Jung Kook, V, Jimin, SUGA, j-hope, Jin, and RM. The set will retail at USD99.99 (RM443).

The BTS Lego set is slated to release some time in March, but here's a first look:

1. OMG, just how cute are all the boys' LEGO form?!

Image via LEGO

Which one is your fav member?

2. Also featuring... The iconic ice cream truck. And V.

Image via LEGO

Adorned with the giant ice cream splat on top with the words 'DYNAMITE' across the truck really brings it to life, doesn't it? 

V winking at you is the cherry on top. :P

3. The LEGO boys can recreate their sleekest dance moves at the black brick stage

Image via LEGO

Ooo, and did we mention it comes with a wheel on the side that you can turn and make them dance? Liddis:

Image via The Verge

4. Let's be real, no one is gonna reject a basketball game with SUGA

Image via LEGO

Also an iconic part of the music video!

5. You can also make Jung Kook pick up a doughnut. Because, why not?

Image via LEGO

Or any of them, really.

6. Get RM to rap and bust some moves at the vinyl shop

Image via LEGO

Another day, another slay.

7. And finally, here's all of them in front of the distinct 'DISCO' building that was in the music video

Image via LEGO Ideas

We know the song's stuck in your head now. Don't worry, we gotchu.

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