Ninja-Like Beekeeper Protects His Beehives From Killer Wasps With The Most Badass Methods

"We got Mr Bee-yagi over here."

Cover image via u/KevlarYarmulke (Reddit)

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If you didn't already know, wasps are a nuisance to us and to your friendly neighbourhood bees, who make sweet honey for human consumption

These spiteful insects harm bees because they are looking for something to eat and to feed their own hive with. And they kill the bees in the most terrible way possible. Especially yellowjacket wasps, which are one of the most common enemies of bees.

They basically sting and paralyse an unsuspecting honey bee and hold them down while they cut the poor bee into pieces so that the wasp has an easier time transporting the parts back to its hive.

Sounds like this came straight out of a horror movie, no?

Once at the hive, the wasp will proceed to chew up the bee and digest it so it can feed the digested remains to its larvae and keep its hive alive. Morbid.

When sustenance is especially scarce, wasps also take the honey, larvae, pupae, and eggs from the beehive, basically pillaging the hive until nothing is left.

A yellowjacket wasp attacking a bee.

Image via Honey Bee Suite

As you can now tell, wasps are a threat to the population of bees and the more bees that are killed by wasps, the less there are to make honey

Which is why, this beekeeper decided that enough is enough, and got creative with his methods of disposing the stinging buggers. And his video has since gone viral in the Internet sphere.

Originally posted on Douyin, the video of the unidentified beekeeper was reuploaded on a Reddit thread called, r/oddlysatisfying, showing of his mad skills when killing wasps that were hovering a little too close to his bee hives. 

Using a pair of chopsticks, scissors, an aluminium bowl, and even a wire hanger, this beekeeper could have been mistaken for a ninja because he hits his target with deadly accuracy. 

Check out how he handles the wasps with so much precision:

Netizens on the thread were understandably in awe of the beekeeper's aim and accuracy

Some Reddit users were questioning how on earth someone could possibly have such a good aim.

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Other netizens likened the beekeeper to famous fictional characters such as legendary assassin John Wick, Tatsu from the anime Gokushufudou (The Way Of The House Husband), and even Kung fu master and chopsticks expert Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid.

Image via Reddit

We think Mr Miyagi would be very impressed

Image via GIPHY

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