Mesmerising Rare Green Tree Python Costs More Than A Ferrari

Look at their shiny eyes and brightly coloured scales!

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Many of us would melt at the sight of a floofy pup or a cuddly kitten.

But, there are those among us who sssimply prefer sssomething a lil' ssscarier.

I'm talking 'bout none other than slippery snakes.

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Can you believe that there was one snake that went for RM1.8 million a few years back?

Yep, your eyes aren't deceiving you. That's more expensive than a Ferrari.

Although many believe that the world's most expensive snake is the RM170,000 Lavender Albino Ball Python, a 2017 report by Tencent revealed that it was actually this guy:

I mean, how can you not be mesmerised by its silvery eyes and icy blue scales?

So you might be wondering, what exactly is this animal?

The high blue green tree python is a rare variety of green tree pythons that is typically found in the tropical rainforests of Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea.

While this species usually comes in a range of green shades, with notable blue, yellow, or white stripes and spots covering its body, it is unusual to spot one that is a solid icy blue colour.

According to Smithsonian's National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute, the colour pattern enables these pythons to easily blend into their surroundings of trees and bushes.

The snake's distinct blue appearance is said to be natural

Though a couple of photoshopped images of the blue creature has circulated the Internet, we can confirm that the animal does exist.

An artist's rendering of a blue green tree python.

Image via the-shiznite/DeviantArt

ETtoday attributed the snake's colour to a genetic mutation, which is why there isn't a specific method for breeding this fine specimen.

However, Jayapura green tree pythons have commonly been cross-bred with other varieties to produce the gem of an animal.

Though extremely rare, there have been occasions where neonates (young snakes) were even found to change from a bright green to blue colour on its own

A quick check on a couple of forums for snake enthusiasts confirmed this phenomena.

In 2014, this six-year-old green tree python was discovered to have changed from a green to a blueish colour.

Image via AlexBlue/Tapatalk

According to the Smithsonian, this species normally undergoes a colour change from yellow or maroon to green.

Image via lps2/Reddit

As beautiful as these non-venomous reptiles are, they are probably best left alone

Popular among pet owners for its largely docile nature, particular varieties of green tree pythons are endangered as a result of being sold as food and for their skin - a compoundable endeavour.

In spite of this, the International Union for Conservation of Nature has categorised the reptile species as being of the 'least concern' in terms of endangerment.

Image via Tencent

So if you happen to stumble upon these animals in the wild, be sure to let them be.

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