Nostalgic Netizens Recall When This Proton Appeared In A Mr. Bean Episode

Do you remember? :D

Cover image via Steemit/9gag

If you grew up during the '90s, you may remember watching this very familiar TV sitcom

With his silent humour and quirky antics, Mr. Bean is no stranger to most of us.

Although the show ended in 1995, Mr. Bean's legacy still lives on.

A Reddit post had netizens reminiscing when a Malaysian car suddenly appeared in one of the episodes.

Image via Lowyat Forum

A photo of the scene was posted with a caption that read: "The moment where every Malaysian will suddenly 'bangga' dan 'patriotik' when watching Mr Bean."

Though it's no secret that Proton Sagas are available in the UK, it was still a strange sight to spot Malaysia's national car in the scene.

You can watch a video snippet of the scene below:

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