Here's How You Can Take Part In Malaysia's Cutest Online Parade

A fun, cute, and safe way to celebrate National Day from the comfort of your home!

Cover image via @klsketchnation (Instagram)

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Do you remember one of the activities in school was to draw and colour the Jalur Gemilang during the National Month?

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Yeah, those were simpler days.

But fret not! KL Sketch Nation is giving us a chance to bust out our artistic side and patriotic spirit with their second virtual National Day parade.

They have organised a virtual march, featuring animated characters showcasing their love and pride for the nation.

Their Merdeka Parade last year was a huge success, with 355 participants and 10 contingents.

Watch the full parade here:

This year, KL Sketch Nation is collaborating with Suria FM for Perarakan Merdeka, a bigger event with attractive prizes.

If you're looking to take part in the event, here are some things for you to take note of:

1. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of experience or talent. As long as you have a patriotic spirit, love to draw, and just want to have fun!

Based on Suria FM's website, the contest is open to all residents of Malaysia and the minimum age requirement is 18 years and above at the time of entry save.

However, individuals that are affiliated with the organisers or KL Sketch Nation (including their immediate family members) are not allowed to participate.

2. The contest period is from 10am, 29 July 2021 to 11.59pm 20 August. To participate, you just have to follow these four simple steps.

1. Follow @klsketchnation and @suriamalaysia on Instagram.

2. Download and use the template provided on Suria FM's website.

3. Read the terms and conditions for the contest.

4. Complete the entry form and submit your finished artwork together here!

3. Submission with the most creative, unique, and patriotic design according to the theme will stand a chance to win prizes up to RM2,000 cash and other exclusive merchandise

Participants are encouraged to send multiple entries but each participant can only win one prize.

There are three main prizes and 10 consolation prizes to be won. The prizes are:
- First prize: RM2,000 cash
- Second prize: RM1,500 cash
- Third prize: RM500 cash
- Consolation prizes: Exclusive merchandise from Suria FM and KL Sketch Nation worth RM100 each

4. So far, there are nine themes and these will be your contingents during the parade

The themes or contingents are:
- Olimpik (Olympic)
- Patriotik (Patriotic)
- Super Heroes
- Flora
- Hantu Malaysia (Malaysian ghosts)
- Selera Malaysia (Malaysian flavours)
- Kebudayaan (Culture)
- Fauna
- Teknologi (Technology)

Their entry form also suggests that you would have to come up with a name for your mascot. For more submission details, you can refer to KL Sketch Nation's Instagram.

Good luck and most importantly, don't forget to have fun!

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