[PHOTOS] Malaysians Squeezing In A Break From The Floods With Some Wit And Creativity

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade and take a little time off to sip...

Cover image via adibqushairi via Instagram

1. No parking? No problem. This ingenious guy uses his porch roof to make sure his ride is safe and sound. But we wonder how he got it up there.

2. For this animal lover, the rescued cats look on as he uses a makeshift oar to navigate around the waters

3. It seems most kids are making the best out of the floods, like this one who wants to be Superman...

4. ...or this one who just wants to lay down in the waters to stay cool

5. This guy is stronger than you think (the one on the left)

6. Never fear, Malaysian Mary Poppins is here!

7. These three gentlemen stay afloat with safety vests, football boots and good company

8. With the flood receding in their areas, these two kids just want to soak it all in one last time

9. Last but definitely not the least, we have to salute this opportunist who is trying to fish in the floods. We hope he gets a massive haul!

The flood in the East Coast is gradually subsiding, with the East Coast Highway now reopened to the public. Aid is still being distributed, with many organisations going in to help with the help of 4WDs.

The East Coast Expressway route from Karak to Temerloh has been reopened to all vehicles after the flood waters have receded. Concessionaire ANIH Bhd head of communications Fazlyaton Hussein said in a statement that the road was reopened at 8am Saturday.

“They didn’t see it as ‘it is not my problem, it is your problem, but it’s our problem’. This drive shows that people still care.” Tey’s assessment was also proven by 50-odd teens and young volunteers who showed up yesterday, some as early as 5am, turning the Archdiocesan office into a hive of activity. Yesterday’s supplies represent the first phase by the Catholic Church to aid flood victims, although they had initially sent medical supplies to the East Coast last month. The next initiative will see cleaning materials such as mops being delivered to the Church of St Thomas in Kuantan, Pahang.

More on the East Coast flood HERE:

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