[INSTAGALLERY] Photos Of Flood Donations Being Sorted And Distributed To Those In Need

Malaysians can be a generous lot. From donations of relief items to volunteerism, we searched through Instagram to see how your donations are being sorted and distributed to affected states.

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Malaysia recently experienced her worst flood in history, affecting multiple states in the east coast of West Malaysia while displacing thousands of families

Damage by the millions, evacuees by the thousands

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But thanks to the support and generosity of Malaysians, aid has been steadily growing and is currently being distributed to those affected by the floods

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Tesco launched a nationwide donation drive.

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Aid being distributed in BU3, Petaling Jaya

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Here are just some of many Malaysians helping out in whatever capacity they can...

In TUDM (Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia) Subang, Malaysians are volunteering by forming human chains to stock up food, water, clothes and essentials for them to be flown over to flood-hit states

Volunteers stocking up goods in the TUDM base in Subang.

Image via IM4U via Instagram

At the Subang airport, donations in boxes are stacked up and ready to be flown out

Tons of dry food and aid are stocked at Subang airport

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"Though I can't afford to donate aid, I can donate my time and energy", said Aris A Soladi as he helps out just by packing aid in one of the many centres in Malaysia

"Though I can't afford to donate aid, I shall donate my time and energy". A quote from aris a. solad through Instagram

Image via aris a. solad via Instagram

Much needed clean drinking water has also been packed in huge quantities to be sent out so flood victims are supplied with water to drink and cook, and for their personal hygiene

Masjid Al-Muhsinin in Old Klang Road has been turned into a one-stop relief centre for aid to come and be distributed out.

Image via muhsininmosque via Instagram

Local policemen have continuously been serving people by helping them get to dry ground, aiding women and children

Local policemen has been working round the clock to ensure that everyone is moved to higher or dry ground.

Image via amirrukhii via Instagram

Custom bike shop group Red Garage Group Malaysia even went out of their way to deliver aid on their own to some of their friends who were stuck in Tanah Merah, Kelantan

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Donations to iM4U, a non-profit organisation for youths have already been channeled out to Kemubu, Kelantan using all modes of transportations. From 4WD trucks...

Aid have been delivered in 4WD trucks in Kemubu, Kelantan

Image via IM4U Via Instagram

... to even using the sampan to make sure that aid is delivered to areas not accessible by land transport

A volunteer using a sampan to distribute aid after trucks can't pass by in Kemubu, Kelantan.

Image via IM4U via Instagram

Flood victims are helping each other stay afloat. Anas Alwi explains through his Instagram that during a little mission to help a friend, they saw a man wading through the flood alone before helping him onto the sampan.

Anas Alwi was on a mission to help a friend who was stuck in a house for four days. On the way there, they met a man walking through the flood alone before helping him on board.

Image via anasalwi via Instagram

Volunteers have been handing out new clothes to children and families in Kuala Krai, one of the worst hit areas

Ready-to-eat meals such as biscuits that don't require cooking are being distributed in large trucks

People are lining up to receive food from constant trips from large trucks.

Image via emal_debuchy via Instagram

The villagers from the Kampung Kusial Baru, Kelantan saying "terima kasih" donations received from Selangor

Every little bit helps. Foodstuff, clothes, and water have given temporarily relief to the elderly...

The photographer expresses her sadness when she took her photo. "Cerita banjir... sedih n menyayat hati melihat gambar ini.."

Image via rossmaa_ma via Instagram

... and the young. Thank you Malaysians, for your generous spirit in this trying time as a nation.

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But it does not end there. The good work is still ongoing and donations are still needed. Find out the list of organisations that you can donate aid to HERE:

Read also a young boy's first hand account of the floods HERE:

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