[PHOTOS] Oh My God, Is That Guan Yin Ma And Tua Pek Gong Working In McDs?

In this weeks' Random Wednesday, we have proof that the Taiwanese takes Chinese New Year very seriously.

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Most restaurants celebrate Chinese New Year with simple decorations like this

One over enthusiastic McDonald's outlet in Taiwan went the lengths of dressing up their waiters... as Chinese deities

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Here we have Guan Yin Ma (Goddess of Mercy) asking "Would you like fries with that?"

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At the next counter, Tua Pek Kong (God of Earth) is looking over everything, making sure the orders go smoothly

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At the entrance, the Jade Emperor says "Welcome to McDonald's!"

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CCTVNews reported on Facebook that the images went viral on social media in China recently. "Local media outlets in Taiwan report that the cosplay campaign was a special Lunar New Year offering in order to create a bit of festive atmosphere."

While some netizens had a hearty laugh at how even the gods have to face the bitter realities of the mortal world, others say it lacks good taste

Screenshot of comments on CCTVNews Facebook page.

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We dug a little deeper and found that McDonald's Taiwan has an amusing history of dressing up their staff members in sexy costumes

In one instance, the female cashiers in Sailormoon and maid outfits had to address customers as "masters"

In December 2013, a McDonald's restaurant in Taiwan reportedly dressed its female cashiers in schoolgirl uniforms and pink maid outfits and have them address customers as "master," according to a Japanese news website.

Oh dear god, those short dresses definitely do not look practical when preparing food in the kitchen

At least they look happier than Guan Yin Ma here

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It's a shame that Choy Sam Yeh (God of Prosperity) was left out from the McDonald's party, he is a pretty badass deity

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