[PHOTOS] The Nightmare Of Sitting With The Grossest 'Overboard' Airline Passengers

We compile a list of the most "ewww-worthy" passengers of all time thanks to this passenger shaming website. Have you encountered one before?

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A former flight attendant who worked for seven years had seen her fair share of weird passenger behaviour throughout her time

Passenger Shaming was started by a former flight attendant and is maintained by anonymous submission from flight attendants from around the world. It's gotten so popular that it now has its own Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

Some passenger take selfish flying to a whole new level -- and this website is here to document that.

Instead of complaining to her colleagues, she set up a website, to highlight some of the most disgusting passengers on air. Soon, others joined in and contributed.

The photos, captured by outraged flyers from across the world, were posted on former flight attendant Shawn Kathleen's now-famous Passenger Shaming website.

We list down some of these disgusting passengers below

These people have been getting a little TOO comfortable...

For these two guys, it is easier to sleep with their shirts off, coupled with a plastic bag as a make shift sleep mask

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One used a bra. +10 points for creativity!

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Others have the ability to turn a clean plane into a disaster area in a few hours

We guess some didn't get the memo where the proper place to do things is...

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A number of them seem to have problems controlling their 'urges' for a few hours

This lady decided to make full use of her time by doing her hair on flight

Whereas this guy right here makes sure that he's lean and mean when he touches down at his destination

This is a public service announcement. You should only cut your nails at HOME.

We can't blame this uncle for being too careful. He could be really nervous.

All in all, they definitely can't beat these guys

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