Search For Cheapest Flights And Hotel Deals With These 6 Services

Planning a family vacation or your next business trip? In the 15th instalment of our weekly TECH TUESDAY column, we curate a list of apps that will help you score some of the cheapest airfare and hotel booking deals.

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1. GetGoing: Boasting a service of 40 percent discounts on airfare, the site is designed for cost-conscious travelers who are flexible with their destination. It's worth a shot for your next island escape with that long-distance significant other of yours.

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2. Hipmunk Hotels & Flights: A stellar among the apps for cheap flight deals, Hipmunk is fast and effective. Besides helping you find cheap airplane tickets, it also saves up to 60 percent off in hotel bookings with new 'Tonight Deals' option.

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3. Skyscanner: Besides scanning all the major airlines' websites for the lowest fares, and a facility for broader search fucntions, Skyscanner will also tell you if it's cheaper to book one-way tickets on separate airlines rather than a round-trip on one provider

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4. Kayak: Offering rock-bottom prices, it can be your single destination for airfare, hotel booking, car rental, and even entire vacation packages. Kayak digs through to hundreds of travel and booking sites to provide you the lowest possible price on travel.

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5. Priceline: With a feature like "name your own price", Priceline lets you search for airfare, hotels, rental cars, or entire vacation packages, and returns the best available prices. Best of all, they guarantee the lowest price, and willing to match other sites.

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6. TripAdvisor: Probably the most known travel app, it not only helps you find cheap hotels but also cheap flights. This app lets you find cheap flights using its features. A filter also helps you sort out the cheapest flight out of the search results.

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